Higante Music Video | Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia

Higante Music Video | Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia

Sep 22

Have you heard Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia‘s new song? I do hope you have. Two weeks ago I’ve posted about the premiere of “Higante” and now it looks like the two Pinoy music icons are back for more - they’ve just released a new music video together!

I saw it last night on YouTube and, being a fan of the two, its really a joy seeing them both again. The song’s got a positive message and I really love it.

What’s next after this?.. Well, Ely announces on Twitter that their Sickos Project album (entitled “In Love And War”) will be released on October 4 - Francis M’s birthday. That’s fun! Gotta grab that one.

For now, here goes a few screen shots from the music video. Enjoy! :)


  1. Engel

    Wow, asteeeghh!! Buhay na buhay si Francis M talaga and ang galing. Bravo.

  2. @ Engel, thanks. Francis M is immortal! :D

  3. imee

    salamat xa musika!…. mabuhay kayo!!!

  4. @ imee,salamat sa pagbisita.

  5. malou pitt

    iba tlaga ang musikang pinoy… francis m will be in r hearts 4ever thru his music… long live ely buendia…mabuhay k p ng 100 taon…hehehe

  6. @ malou pitt, thanks a lot. Malupet ka talaga hehehe…

  7. steven and arian

    hi how’re you….?

  8. @ Steven and Arian, doing just fine.. Wait, who’s this? Are you THE Steven I know? :D

  9. kelvin gutierrez

    francis m…. simply the best.

  10. Markus

    @Kelvin, agreed!

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