Captain America: The Fighting Avenger| Comics Review

Captain America: The Fighting Avenger| Comics Review

Jul 13

Not to be confused with Captain America: The First Avenger comic book, Captain America: The Fighting Avenger  is specifically geared for younger readers. Yes, this is pretty much “Captain America for kids” and I’m sure no one would miss that. No, not with a cover like this:

This one shot is an all-ages retelling of Cap’s first adventure (and training). I’d say it’s pretty much of a fun read, mainly because of the Manga-ish artwork. This style surely works well since it suits the tone of the story. I love staring at the interior pages. The art somehow reminds me of David Lafuente‘s work on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. Here’s a sample page from the book:

Like you, I don’t like the idea of making Cap wear some army pants. It makes the costume look very ridiculous, methinks! Hahah!

Aside from the artwork, you should also look for that funny banter about Uncle Sam. That literally had me laughing out loud.

It’s a shame that this book isn’t an ongoing series though - or a mini-series even. I would’ve loved to read more battles with the Red Skull - his origins are here too. But alas, this is just a thick one shot and it’s obvious Marvel simply released this to prepare younger viewers for the upcoming flick.

Captain America: The Fighting Avenger is written by Brian Clevinger with art by Gurihiru. Pick it up if you can!


  1. Dee

    I like this. The illustration looks like a combination of a Marvel with a slight touch of Anime. It’s cute!

  2. Totally! I really enjoyed the book. Too bad its just a one-shot

  3. sri charan

    It is a good comic to read.

  4. @Sri Charan.. Definitely!

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