Transformers and Linkin Park

Transformers and Linkin Park

May 19

In the last Transformers film, Linkin Park had their song “What I’ve Done” as the soundtrack. Now with the upcoming June release of the new movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the band is back with a new track called “New Divide”.


Looks like they’re a staple tandem now.

Check out this to hear a preview of the song.


  1. rhiver

    malupet yaaaaaaaan

  2. @ rhiver, oo nga. Iba na rin ang tunog ng grupo e. Nag-mature na and that’s really a good thing :)

  3. butterfly76

    I’ve watched the 1st movie and the soundtrack was really awesome!!! I hope I could watched the new movie too….

  4. @ butterfly76, the movie poster says it comes out on June. Looking forward to seeing it at the cinemas as well :D

  5. wow. bago ah.

  6. @jtmtzrwj, alin ba run? Yung movie o itong blog? Heheh!.. Thanks for dropping by Dcel :)


    Astig yung Transformers Part3,. Napanood ko na! Ako palang ang unang nakapanood! Nakalimutan ko pero kung may mga robot ba dun sa movie! :)

  8. @ RYTEWORLD, anong transformers ba yan?.. Yan ba yung nasa poste ng kuryente?.. Hahaha!

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