Tom Holland Shows Us His Spider-Man Moves

Tom Holland Shows Us His Spider-Man Moves

Jun 24

The internet recently exploded with the news that young English actor Tom Holland has officially scored the much-coveted role of Spider-Man for the upcoming Sony-Marvel helmed films (beginning with Captain America: Civil War).

Reactions from fans were - as always - diverse with some loving the choice, while others are a bit more skeptical about the casting.

Personally, I don’t know him much but I think he kinda looks the part. The boyish, geeky charm is there. He does look a bit too young (besides, he’s just 19!) but we all know that’s exactly what Sony and Marvel are  aiming for this time around - a younger Spider-Man.

For those hating on the casting, check out these “spectacular” videos posted by Tom himself on his Instagram account. MoviePilot shared these clips recently (they’ve got more - head over to their blog if you want to see more of Tom!) and I think we can all agree that the boy DOES have what it takes to move like our favorite wall-crawler!


More fun more fun

Fun fun fun

I’m guessing his athletic prowess became a big advantage during his screen tests.

I’m sooo looking forward to seeing this kid in action!

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