Superhero Minion Toys

Superhero Minion Toys

Jul 03

The Minion craze is definitely far from over! The movie just came out and in case you missed Mc Donalds Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal (I did miss it. Too bad they went out of stock too fast!), you may be interested to check out these cool Minion toys from Big Boys Toy Store.

Here goes Gru‘s crazy crew in superhero garb, no less!

The Minions as the X-Men. I like the fact that Cyclops only has one eye!

The Minions as the Justice League. I like Green Lantern and Flash!

The Minions as the Avengers.

The Force is strong on this one!

Big Boys Toy Store tells me that these pieces are made of resin and wire.

Each piece sells for Php 240.00 but they warn “no nuggets or spaghetti included, we already ate them all” LOL

You can check out and like the Facebook page at:

For inquiries you can coordinate with:
Melody - 09228695944 Big Boys Shoppesville Greenhills
Ferdie - 09228387265 Big Boys Plus Shoppesville Plus Greenhills
Carmina - 09228210014 Big Boys II Shoppesville Plus Greenhills
Connie - 09228297066 Filbars by Big Boys Glorietta 2
Reggie - 09228166729 Big Boys Festival

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