MythSpace: Unfurling of Wings|Comics Review

MythSpace: Unfurling of Wings|Comics Review

Dec 14

mythspace unfurling of wings

While the dynamic duo of Budjette and Kajo are bringing the manananggals and tikbalangs to the streets of Manila, writer Paolo Chikiamco and his roster of amazing MythSpace artists are going the opposite direction - they’re putting the characters in a cosmic setting!

Its definitely one of those hey-why-didnt-i-think-of that moments.  Paolo has weaved an interesting comic book universe where Pinoy myth creatures are placed in interesting scenarios. For Unfurling of Wings,  our good guys are a small group of orphans composed of a manananggal (Ri-En), a nuno (Zo) and a human (Books).

So far, this is easily my favorite among the MythSpace bunch. It feels like an all ages title.  I love how well-written the book is. The dialogues are fun and easy to read. The pacing is just right. Characterization is spot on, too. I wouldn’t mind reading more Unfurling stories even if the cover only says “One Shot.”

Artist Borg Sinaban has instantly made it to my list of favorite artists. After reading this book, I immediately stalked added him on Facebook and asked if he has a blog or something. I was all too eager to see more of his clean yet detailed animated-style artwork! His awesome blog, by the way, can be found here. Beautiful, beautiful stuff, Borg! Way to go!

I truly enjoyed this comic book. I hope Visprint picks it up or something. This level of work deserves a wider audience!




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