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Metro Comic Con 2010

Thanks to good friends Myke and Robin, I got to attend the recently-concluded Metro Comic Con 2010 at the SM Megamall. I was there for the first day and it was absolutely mind-blowing!

I got to meet some cool people, picked up a few comic books, spotted some celebrities and even took the liberty of manning a creator’s booth for a few minutes without even meeting him first. Seriously! Hahah..

Here goes my report - or what I remember most out of the event:

Macoy’s Booth

Shortly after we arrived, I noticed a small crowd starting to gather around Gio Paredes and Macoy Tang’s table. Macoy was not there though. I guess he was buying his food or something and Gio has his hands full with lots of fans (as usual). I thought I really wouldn’t want a creator to lose potential buyers so my rabid fanboy instincts prompted me to spring into action and seize the opportunity. I talked with the people and did eventually manage to sell a few copies… Yey!

Macoy looked a little surprised when he arrived and I  handed him the money - that was how we met! Hahah! Quite funny, I know. And weird.

It was fun chatting with fellow fans though and recommending Macoy’s awesome works to them.

Macoy's still nowhere to be found. Oh wait, he's busy taking this picture!

Deviant People

People from DeviantArt were also all over the place and I  got to meet a few friends there - most of whom were superb supporters of Bayan Knights.  Here’s a photo with Sarra’s friend (I forgot his name, sorry), Sarra Jean Navorra, me, Robin Rivero and Jaybee Bonus.

DA reunion of sorts

Not in picture were  mild-mannered JC Villaverde and cool BK cosplay photographer Mervin Arciaga who were also present during the event.

Freebies, Freebies

Days before Metro Comic Con, Jon Zamar asked me to write a short foreword for Codename: Bathala and I did. So he gave me my complimentary and I’m just proud and happy to somehow be a part of Bathala’s history. Its a cool comicbook, I tell you!

I also approached Rommel “Omeng” Estanislao and it was a delight to meet him in person at last. He seems to be a very cool guy and he became even cooler in my eyes when he gave me a copy of Lipad. Haha! That book blew me away. I think I’m reviewing that wicked, little title soon.

Fellow BK member and MCC-organizer Heubert Khan Michael gave me free copies of Unstoppable #3 and 4 too, the remaining isues of the first story arc. And oh! Erico Calimlim also  handed me copies of Pag-Asa #3 and 4.

You guys are too kind. Thanks much really!

Man, you just gotta love the Metro Comic Con! Haha!

Celebrity Geeks

Several rockstars were also seen roaming around the event for some comicbooks. There’s guitarist Led Tuyay and drummer Bords Burdeos from Kamikazee plus Parokya Ni Edgar guitarist Gabs Chee-Kee. That was cool. I wonder why Chito Miranda (another self-declared comic geek) wasn’t around though.

Manila Man meets Led Tuyay

I guess RJ Ledesma was the biggest celebrity geek of the day, hosting the Marvel Panel and going around to buy local indie comics, to the delight of both the fans and creators. He’s also been Twittering endlessly about these local titles and that’s just awesome!

On A Side Note

The family that reads together

I’m just happy to see lots of kids accompanied by their parents  (or was that otherwise? Eheheh…) during the event. I personally think local comics deserve more younger readers so the industry could keep going. Here’s hoping for more kid-friendly releases too!

Dinner Time

The day ended with us, Bayan Knights, having our 2nd year anniversary dinner later on at Mang Inasal. It was absolutely fun being with these guys again. We’re more than a comics group. We’re family! Yey! Congrats to us, guys. More comics and more 2 years to come!

Unlimited rice?.. Bring it on!

Metro Comic Con 2010 was really wild. Hope to make it on the next event/s again! :D

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9 Responses to “Metro Comic Con 2010”

  1. jtmtzrwj says:

    sayang. di ako nakasama sa dinner.

  2. Jann says:

    Mark maraming salamat sa support at sa pagdalo mo, goodluck and more power to you bro!

    Pasensya na kung di masyado nagtagal pag-uusap natin, dami kasi inaasikaso that time. Thanks ulit brother!

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  4. Mark Rosario says:

    @ jtmtzrwj, onga bro. Sayang. Medyo maaga ka atang umalis nun.

    @ Jann, no probs yun! More power din senyong lahat. More projects, more comics and more MCC’s to come! Heheh..

  5. Mel casipit says:

    sayang hnd tayo nagkita, oks lang yun madami pang susunod na convention :)

  6. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Mel, onga. Twice palang ako naka-attend, twice na rin tayo nagkasalisi hahaha!

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  8. Edz says:

    You were there… You were there…

    I… I… I wasn’t. x_x

    No funds. Damned salary came 4pm Sunday afternoon. Crud…

  9. Mark Rosario says:

    Yeah, we surely missed you. Hope to see and meet you next time around, Edz!

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