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Lipad | Comics Review

I sometimes have the bad habit of thumbing through the interior pages of a comic book before I start reading it. Thankfully, I didn’t do that with Rommel “Omeng” Estanislao’s Lipad.

Besides, I realized, this one only has a few pages so why spoil the fun? So when I took the bus on my way home from the Metro Comic Con, Lipad became my instant pick and was my first read among my haul.

Looking at the cover and judging it by the artwork, I thought I had a hint what this comic book was all about. Its about a boy who dreams he can fly, right? Right! Plus Omeng’s artstyle also looks really carefree and happy so I thought this is my kind of book.

Little did I know that that was all a trap. I truly wasn’t expecting a tragic ending! It was totally a “what-the-heck!” moment for me. I was shocked and stayed silent for a few minutes, wondering why the story had to end that way. It broke my heart. Its supposed to be a happy story, right? Well, not so much.

As a comic book, Lipad is so good it actually gets you smiling and feeling nostalgic first then disturbed and heartbroken later. Whether you’ve dreamed about flying or not, I think you’ll love this wicked, little book.

Go pick up a copy! Its worth the money.

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