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Sulyap Komiks Anthology

One of the coolest announcements during the Metro Comic Con was about an upcoming release called Sulyap - a graphic anthology of 8 indie stories from, you guessed it, 8 indie creators.

I got to browse the advance copies provided for the creators and I’d say this is definitely worth looking forward to.

Sulyap is compiled and produced by the Komikon committee themselves and is going to be available at local comicbook stores soon. This one has a tag price of Php 250.00 but if you choose to attend Komikon 2010 (thats on November 13 at the Star Mall) and purchase it there, you get the book just for Php 150.00.

Pretty cool bargain, huh? So watch out.

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6 Responses to “Sulyap Komiks Anthology”

  1. stop plugging the good komiks that will be at komikon this year and how they’re going to be cheaper than if you buy them at the bookstore! mapipilitan akong magpunta niyan! hehehe!

    hay. may ipon pa kaya ako by that time?

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Ida, punta ka kasi. Nang magkita tayo ulit hehehe.. Well hopefully, wala ngang humarang sa skeds nang makapunta rin ako. I’d really like to get a copy of Sulyap :)

  3. Gio Paredes says:

    Thanks Markus for posting this. :-)

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    Welcome, Gio! Just glad to support awesome Pinoy comics :D

  5. Michael says:

    Nice! I didn’t realize we have such great komiks! Sariling atin!

  6. Mark Rosario says:

    Yeps, Michael! And we have a lot more.. Go head to the local comic conventions and check them out :D

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