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New Comics Releases For Metro Comic Con 2009

Comic conventions will never really be complete without new comic book releases! So as the Metro Comic Con draws closer and closer, let me post some comic covers of a few new titles that will see the light of day at the actual event. Check out this short list of exciting new books that you should keep an eye on.

Filipino Heroes League 2
Pablo Fabregas -

It’s the second issue and the heroes in pedicab are back! Haha! Actually, I still don’t have a copy of the first one but I got to take a peek at some preview pages at Pablo Fabregas‘ DeviantArt gallery. The concept of poor heroes who can’t even afford gas for their vehicle was just too funny I can’t help but chuckle lots. Now, I’m sure getting the real thing would be more fun. I can’t get enough of this. Those who’d love to catch some superhero-comedy stuff should search for this and the first one too.

RH Quilantang -

Good pal RH Quilantang wrote and illustrated this title. It’s a comic that has the feel of a children’s story book but don’t let the cartoony artwork deceive you - its message can make you ponder for days. RH tells us that this simple little story is about “moving on” so this should be good. What’s great is that this comic is actually available for free if you buy Mike Ignacio’s Astiging Boy Ipis #1 - that’s two awesome comics for the price of one! Fair enough, huh? I’ve been told there will at least be 100 copies printed so do yourself a favor and pick one up.

Randy Valiente - /
Mel Khristopher Casipit -

First and foremost, writer Randy Valiente clarifies that this story doesn’t have anything to do with the “I Am Ninoy” initiative nor the recent passing of President Cory Aquino. Its all mere coincidence since he tells us in his Malikhaing Isip blog that the script has already been written 3 years ago but only had its own life when he finally found and collaborated with two-time Komikon best indie winner, artist Mel Casipit. The cover poses the question “Paano ginagawa ang isang bayani?” and I bet you’ll only get to discover if the story really answers that or not once you get a copy of this book.

Kathang Indio
Gener Pedriña -

A collection of 3 never-before published stories, this comic book by Sanduguan-creator Gener Pedriña gives you a glimpse of some projects he has done years ago. The cover gives some hints about the content and personally, I have to admit I’m most interested with the third panel. It clearly looks like Gener used a different art style for that one than the style we’ve known from him so that should be exciting. He’s also selling a bunch of other Sanduguan comics including the new Sandugan 5: All Out War so click that link if you want more info.

Gwapoman 2000
Aaron Felizmenio -

There’s just too much mystery and rumor surrounding this hero. Some regard him as a joke - because of his name – while there are also others who think that this is a very serious story - because of the artwork. Actually, writer’artist Aaron Felizmenio describes it as “funky crime-noir action comedy”.. Strange mix of genres, you say? Why of course, its Aaron, what do you expect? Haha! Knowing him personally, I’m sure this would be a great title too.

Adoboverse Komiks 2
Bien Del Rosario -

I have the first issue of this one and I’ve been a fan since then. I’m just excited for this second installment. You’ve gotta love Bien Del Rosario for coming up with some of the most colorful and quirky characters in recent Pinoy comics scene. For the first issue, he introduced us to Gulay Man (a veggie-vigilante), Bembol Buko (a farmer turned villain after an experiment accident at the coconut plantation), The Dude Patrol (defenders of Retro Manila) and the Babe Bots (sexy evil robots). This time, take a look at the cover – its Smile Lee, a computer geek turned martial arts master together with Toyoman Z, a giant soy sauce and calamansi-powered robot and an evil scientist named Dr. Zerra Ulo. Haha! Need I say more?

Macoy -

After the countless positive feedbacks  for Ang Maskot, indie comics sensation Macoy returns with his second comics simply entitled Operasyon. He keeps his lips sealed about what this is all about but gives us some clues as well - this isn’t about hospitals and this is more serious than Maskot.

Mandaragit: Revelations
Dexter Entera -

I’ve always loved Dexter’s unique artstyle. This much-awaited preview to Mandaragit’s first issue will deal on the concept of explaining why some lore creatures have become extinct in our time. Sounds interesting? You bet it is!

Well, that’s what I have so far for now, guys. I’ll try to find other new releases online if I get the chance so visit often this entry for updates later on. Do let me know if I missed anything, okay? Ciao for now! :D

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4 Responses to “New Comics Releases For Metro Comic Con 2009”

  1. chummy says:

    wow, i always admire creator owned comics especially noypis. sayang these are not available here in Cebu

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ chummy, you said it. Hope you guys at SDR could someday join Conventions here too. :D

  3. yoxx says:

    bro, pede ka kaya mag lagay ng iyong coverage of the comic con sa DTC? i think it would be nice :D

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    @ yoxx, I’d love to do that. I’d really love to. The only problem is hindi ako nakapunta sa MCC. Too bad!

    Di bale, bawi ako next time :D

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