I Married A Power Ranger (Video)

I Married A Power Ranger (Video)

Jun 25

Former Sponge Cola drummer Chris Cantada‘s YouTube channel Chris Cantada Force always comes up with interesting stuff.

Several months ago, he gave us a teaser of Mythos an upcoming online sentai series (the first in the Philippines!) which, according to him, will be released within the year.

mythos philippines

Also , I loved that crossover thingie he did with Alodia Gosiengfiao who played Big Hero 6‘s Go Go Tamago in a video aptly entitled GoGo Power Ranger.

chris cantada alodia gosiengfiao

If you force me to to pick a favorite from his videos though, I think I’d go with one of the newest ones.

It’s called “I Married A Power Ranger” which is, according to the video description, Chris’ ‘first video sketch with (his) wife Jillian.

The hilarious video documents how its like for  Jill, an editor-in-chief for an online women’s site,  to live with a Power Ranger cosplayer.

It starts off with her defending to a friend that “cosplaying is a real thing” and that her husband is “not a Jollibee mascot.”

i married a power ranger - chris cantada force

It then bounces to different topics such as her husband’s love for Halloween, a closet full of spandex suits, their shelf-space negotiations, plus how she pokes fun at Chris’ Star Wars tattoos.

You can just imagine how funny and heartwarming this gets. Personally, I’m hoping this isn’t the first and last husband and wife video from the channel.

Anyway, let’s all watch it here:


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