Blackest Night

Blackest Night

Feb 04

I’ve been following DC’s Blackest Night lately. Wait. Let me paraphrase that. I’ve been following and enjoying DC’s Blackest Night lately. Really! Very much enjoying it, I should say.

If there’s someone who should be surprised about this, it should absolutely be me. First, I’m more of a Marvel boy than a DC dude. Second, I’ve never been a Green Lantern fan since being a kid (I always believed “Lantern” was too lame a name for a superhero). Lastly, I can’t shake up the thought the concept of zombies and multi-colored heroes (Power Rangers anyone?) wasn’t too interesting a combination for me.

Yet Blackest Night grabbed me by the neck and never let go - from the time I first started reading it. I’m officially hooked. I can’t wait for the last two issues!

Geoff Johns is a genius indeed. Yes, I know I use that word a lot but hey! What do you call a guy who made a seemingly-awkward concept work? You can bet I’m a Green Lantern fan now. Plus more willing to check out other titles from DC Comics.

Here’s some of my many favorite scenes, most of which made me say “whoa” out loud, led me gasping for air or simply made me crack a smile! :)

blackest night 2 comics pageDie, you bad Bat Signal!

Blackest Night 4 comics pageCoolest Flash line. Ever!

Blackest Night #5Now this is the part where we say “It’s Morphin’ time” right?

Blackest Night 6 comics pageSomething unexpected - its just too awesome!

Blackest Night is written Geoff Johns and illustrated by Ivan Reis (pencils) and Osclair Albert (inks).


  1. Dapat sinimulan mo sa SINESTRO CORPS WAR. Basahin mo din yung BOOSTER GOLD ng DC.

  2. Papa Markus, wag po nating kalimutan ang astig na pagkukulay ni Alex Sinclair

  3. @ jtmtzrwj, I appreciate the tips, man. Thanks! I’ll see what I can do to try and catch up.

    @ Jaybee, you are so right. Sinclair rocks! :D

  4. Issac Maez

    Hi awesome blog there. keep it up.I frankly like to read your blog.Last of all have great night

  5. Fritz Dador

    yo with respect….it’s good to become fan of comics not just marvel bcos sometimes great story that u want are in another brand or publisher.. i’m a marvel fan too for a long time but i found out and i can’t resist and it is inevitable that the fact is great story and imagination are not only in the one type of comic material and industry there’s really lots of lack in it.. so may i advice be open minded and be a comic versatile.. just enjoy different comic brands

  6. Yeps, Fritz.. I actually enjoy books from both companies (and even from various indies). But I don’t know, I think I simply find Marvel characters to be more accessible and relatable when compared to DCs. Not at all cases, though, if I may point out. Especially since books such as Flash and Batman and Robin continue to impress me tremendously :)

  7. Fritz Dador

    Yes Sir Mark, I respect that… but you know your site is valuable and great… I love what you did here.. You are TALENTED MAN.. keep up the good work, I’m a FAN

  8. Fritz Dador

    Planetmarkus is like a one-of-a-kind site, i love browsing here.. it got my attention especially the Sir FrancisM pics, I think it’s rare.. Good Luck and God Bless Sir Markus

  9. @ Fritz, extremely flattering haha! Thanks, bro.. God bless you too :)

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