Tropa #2 Review

As awesome as the first issue was, Tropa komiks #2 is definitely something that gives you much, much more. In Tropa #1, we got to know the main characters first – in issue #2, that is where we got to know more about their motives and that is where the action actually takes place. We really get more glimpses about each character’s past in here and we also get to meet some new, mysterious characters on pages 39 and 40, for example (Hhhmm… I wonder who that guy with baton and an amulet is…)
What’s more, Gilbert Monsanto enlisted 16 top-caliber artists to either ink his penciled work or to do the actual artworks in some pages themselves. So yes, this is really an all-star artist issue. We get some internationally-acclaimed Pinoy artists who have worked in Marvel, DC and Image such as Lan Medina (Punisher, Silver Surfer, Fables), Edgar Tadeo (Wolverine) and many others. In addition, we also meet promising new talents in the industry such as Renie Palo, Francis Ordoñez, Jon Zamar, Francis Lim etc… That is why even if you’d browse the pages randomly, you can be assured that you will find quality artwork really.

Now I’m not claiming to be a comics historian whatsoever so I wont mind being corrected at all if I’m wrong but I think Sacred Mountain has really done something that has never been done in the country before (or, at the very least, something that do not happen very frequently). I mean, where else could you find 16 world class comic book artists working on a single story? Well, yes I know that GASI, Sonic, Infinity and others had a lot of artists in their komiks in the past but they did different stories in one komiks, didn’t they?

The inkers really did great. As an example, well I always thought that Divina Diuata was cute but I think she looked cuter when Alejandro “Boy” Sicat (Stone, District X) inked pages 1 and 2. She was very beautiful there that I almost fell in love with her right then and there. Heheh…

In addition to inking one page, acclaimed inker Gerry Alanguilan (Superman: Birthright, New X-Men, Liquid City) also contributes an article entitled “Inks, Inking and Inkers”. Needless to say, that’s just appropriate and timely for this all-star inkers issue. As usual, his article is really educational and entertaining at the same time.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also get a treat for the special cover which was actually a collaboration between Monsanto and Leonard Banaag (Taleweaver writer for DC/Wildstorm). I really think this one’s so impressive and they really deserve a compliment for this awesome piece.

Because of the mentioned reasons and many, many others, Tropa #2 is really a more jam-packed issue than its predecessor. This issue has really set the standard so high that it would really be challenging to top this.

On the other hand, I have no doubt at all that Gilbert Monsanto and his artist friends can always come up with something more. And hey!.. Oh yeah…. I saw the Demigods preview on the ad pages again. Now that’s something I would REALLY love to read some time soon (after Rambol #3 gets released, of course).

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