Tropa #1 Review

Tropa komiks #1, as it turns out, is Sacred Mountain Publication’s first release - or as Gilbert Monsanto referred to it once, their “first baby”. As most readers would expect, this is indeed an ‘origin issue’ meaning it simply introduces the main characters and tells about how they got their powers.
In this title, Monsanto has truly managed to come up with a very unique team of young superheroes that have interesting mix of personalities and nationalities. Furthermore, the team also has a great variety of powers and their only common grounds would most probably be their friendship and them being social outcasts at school. And, oh yes, their enemies would amaze readers too since they’ve got villains from the future (Robots) and ones with Pinoy mythology origins (Manananggals).

As with Rambol komiks, Monsanto writes the story but didn’t do all the work alone. He invited some friends to join the ride so this issue features not one or two artists but five - each one handling each of the falshback parts for all of the five heroes.

In his blog review, Jtmtzrwj mentioned that “This comic is drawn by different artists… Though I was first bothered when I learned about this,.. I was quite satisfied with the implementation and the results.” I admit I was really skeptical about it when I read that and thought “is that really possible?”

However, reading the title myself made me change my tune and nod in agreement. His observations were indeed correct. Yes, you’d feel it and you’d know it whenever there was a transition from one artist to another but no - it wouldn’t disturb you at all. Each of the artists did their work very well that the transitions would make you feel comfortable. talk about brilliance and consistency, man!

First off, there’s new comer Marvin Maglaque who handled the Sugar Shock flashback. His artworks didn’t seem like it was done by a new comer at all, if you ask me. His style seems to blend well with the other top caliber artists plus it also supplies the needed “feel” for the story.

Then there’s also Lui Antonio who did a really awesome job with regards to the Liksi part. For me, he was really the perfect artist for this since he succesfully captured the drama of Liksi’s life. Staring at his pages could really make anyone feel that even the funniest guys has a sad story behind the smiles. Compliments should also be given to the colors ’cause it adds more drama to the scene (particularly pages 12 and 15).

We’ve also got Jim Jimenez in this issue and man, how I missed his artworks. I was an avid follower of his and his brother’s early works many years ago for GASI, Sonic and Infinity. Jim’s a really flexible artist who can do mecha, manga, western, horror and everything in between. He did some extraordinary artwork for the Maligna flashbacks. The robots were really tough looking but i guess some pages just looked too sexy considering that the title’s target market are younger readers. Then again, maybe its just me :)

Kriss Sison did the Divina Diuata pages. In Rambol #2 credits, Monsanto referred to him as “Manga Master Supreme” and I think that’s just appropriate. While I am not so much into the manga genre, here goes a guy who never fails to amaze me with his work. Nuff said.

Finally, Gilbert Monsanto himself did the Formula Juan parts and everything else - from coloring the entire comic book to writing the whole story, as well. I must say that he’s a real comic book jack-of-all-trade. I admire how he managed to make the story and the characters really interesting and most especially about how the way he did the action build up for the last three pages. Plus hey!.. I thought Juan’s dad looked strangely familiar. (I was like “Hhmm.. isn’t this Robie’s father way back the Gasi times?”)

Now, I’m really looking forward for the future issues. Somehow, i feel that there’s more to their origins than what we have here. I’m sure a lot more about their powers will be revealed as the series progresses.

Another thing that makes me excited is when Monsanto himself told me once that the Demigods characters on page 35 aren’t merely there for plugging purposes but… Heheheh! I better keep my mouth sealed here. Stay tuned for Tropa # 2 review, guys!

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11 Responses to “Tropa #1 Review”

  1. NaGaSaNe says:

    yah, i think its a good thing that mr. gilbert monsanto collaborate with other master artist, hahahaha! mtagal q ding hndi nkita mga artwork nla eh! i amaze din pla ky mr. kriss, hanep ang galing nya prang ngbabasa lng me ng manga comics! at ang ganda ng story ng tropa khit hndi q nsimulan, hahahaha! hndi n kc me mkahanap ng previous issue eh! ung alagad din, kapanapanabik ang susunod na kabanata, hahahaha! hanep din c formula juan, gandang ng pgka-design s character nya! hndi kya xa ma-overdose? hahahaha! joke lng ha! pero, astig tlagah 2ng comics n 2! more poewr s mga artist, writer, editor at kung sino pa mang nsa likod ng astig n comics n i2! c”,)

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    Totoo, bro. Perfect for Alagad Inc ang style ni Kriss. Sana, in future issues, mag-guest artist din sina Lando Inolino, Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo, Jay Jimenez and other artist from the GASI years.

    PS. I love Formula Juan too :D

  3. NaGaSaNe says:

    yap, sna nga bro! astig yang mga yan: Lando Inolino, Joseph Caesar Sto. Domingo & Jay Jimenez. astig ung c JCS lalo n ung mga robot work nya, hanep! gandah nman ng mga shading at posing ng mga character nila LI & JJ! kaya sna nga m-tap cla nxt tym ni Mr. GM! c”,)

  4. rhardo says:

    well said, my friend. and suya kaayo ko na naa ka tropa og rambol komiks. hehehe…

  5. kc cordero says:

    ty for dropping by at my blog. more power.

  6. Ida says:

    Kriss Sison is great! Nagpa-drawing ako sa kanya nung Komikon and it took him like, 3 minutes to finish it. Pero sobrang galing! Sketch lang, walang bura-bura, ganda na! XD

    btw, your line “even the funniest guys has a sad story behind the smiles” really makes me want to read this one now! :P

  7. monsanto says:

    Salamat sa magandang review, can’t wait sa review mo sa 2nd issue ng Tropa.

    May bagong dating ang gagawin ko naman sa 3rd issue :) at siyempre new artists to feature.

    Thanks ulit!

  8. Mark Rosario says:

    Agree, agree :D Hope Monsanto reads this and “taps” them sometime soon.

    Ay na! You’re missing out a lot. Heheh.. Mangita dayon sa NBS. Naa na, for sure.

    Thanks too. Your indie comics contest sounds truly awesome :)

    Now I’m green in envy. Heheh.. Hope to meet the guy too and the other artists I admire. By the way, I’m sure you’ll love this comicbook too. Go grab a copy now :D

  9. Mark Rosario says:

    Thanks din sa comment. Looking forward for Tropa #3 and Rambol #3.. and most of all, sa DEMIGODS #1 :D

  10. *shakes you* Review Tropa #2 naaaa! :D

  11. Mark Rosario says:

    Very, very soon, Robin… Very, very soon… :D

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