The Flash #1 Comics Review

The Flash #1 Comics Review

Jun 02

Meet Flash. A superhero frequently referred to as “the fastest man alive.”

Meet Barry Allen. Flash’ alter-ego and a police forensic officer who is, quite ironically, considered as the slowest in their department.

Now meet me - not much of a Flash fan but quickly changed my tunes after reading Flash #1 by writer Geoff Johns and artist Francis Manapul.

Story-wise, I’m not sure if I still need to say “Geoff Johns rocks!” since there has never been any doubt about that. I guess I’ll just point out how I noticed a little  Clark-Lois-dynamics between Barry and Iris. And that’s a good thing! Its always a delight to see the human side of superheroes and Johns does great in exploring that area. I love the exchange of SMS messages and the well-set timing of the flashback. The story’s really entertaining enough to keep me glued on my seat, eagerly anticipating the next issue.

As for the artwork, well that’s perhaps the best part! Pinoy-Canadian artist Francis Manapul has this effective way of blending some sense of realism with cartoony elements and that’s simply mind-blowing. I just love staring at the pages! On top of that, he also has lotsa crazy speedlines and compelling lightning effects going on, as anyone could rightly expect from a Flash comicbook. The guy is too good its next to impossible not to become his fan.

Go grab Flash #1 now. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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