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Insomnoir | Prelude to Manila Man: Defender of Whatever

Fresh from last Saturday’s Summer Komikon is this indie comicbook from RH Quilantang called Insomnoir. Prelude to Manila Man: Defender of Whatever.

Quite a catchy title there, if you ask me. And here we read a tale about Apog, a blind guy who, like New York City, never sleeps and about John Leysi, Apog’s apprentice who is Manila Man himself.

Insomnoir starts out with Apog walking down a typically dark Manila alleyway which eventually leads him to a save-the-damsel-in-distress situation. Of course, that’s the part where action takes place and it all happens in an unexpected way.

From there, writer/artist RH Quilantang effectively shifts the mood from gloomy to hilarious, giving this title its own unique flavor. Insomnoir, in other words, is a noir story with a twist.

Storywise, the captions are undeniably witty. Artwise, I’d say it RH really spent quality time drawing each panel for this book. Nothing looks rushed. The shadings and hatchings are plainly eye-catching (page 7-panel 1, for example) plus the perspectives are very impressive.

And oh, I just realized that the last sentence rhymed. I think I’m starting to sound like Apog now! Hahaha!

Kudos to RH for a good prelude. I’m all excited for the actual Manila Man comicbook.

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5 Responses to “Insomnoir | Prelude to Manila Man: Defender of Whatever”

  1. Edz says:

    Super ganda nito. Galing talaga ni Rhiver. IMBA! Hahahaha. :D

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    Taympers, Edz. Taympers! Heheh.. I liked Manila man but I’m also eager to read more about Apog. He’s such an interesting character!

  3. Ida says:

    I’m somehow reminded of the concept of Lawrence Block’s Evan Tanner novels. It was about a guy who couldn’t sleep, too. And he’s a spy who solves mysteries.

    But it’ll be great to see what happens in this story’s universe. :D

  4. Gio Paredes says:

    Markus, I will give you a hint about Apog. He is very very old.

    Yun lang muna, kapag binigyan pa kita eh baka gulpihin na ako ni Rhiver. :-)

  5. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Ida, ako rin I’m totally looking forward for the actual book. Abangan nating lahat next Komikon!

    @ Gio, hhmm. Si Tandang Padamdam! Heheheh!

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