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Iron Man Mark V Leather Motorcycle Suit

If you’re a geek and you’ve seen the Iron Man suitcase armor in Iron Man 2, then you’ve probably exclaimed “I WANT ONE!”

Well, wishes do come true and you can now own the Iron Man Mark V suit - or a replica version, at least!

From the same guys who gave you the Batman motorcycle attire comes the Iron Man 2 Mark V Leather Motorcycle Suit.

Without a doubt, Universal Designs is becoming the Hot Toys of leather motorcycle gears. They’ve got the coolest stuff plus their accuracy when it comes to the details simply amazes me much.

Just look at that arc reactor, man!

Of course, I’m not sure if the actual thing lights up but isn’t it amazing to see something that closely resembles the original?

Go point your browser to the official Universal Designs website for more info about this one.

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