Batman Motorcycle Attire

Batman Motorcycle Attire

Jul 29

I’m taking a break from posting a Manila Comic Con related post for now to give way for this motorcycle attire that *Universal Designs is planning to release pretty soon. Does it look familiar? I’m sure it does!

How cool is that? This Batman motorcycle attire almost has all the exact same details of the Batman costume worn by Christian Bale on the movies. Way to go to Universal Designs for coming up with this cool replica!

I’m thinking even some motorcycle enthusiasts who are not comic enthusiasts would get one. How much will it be sold?.. Well, we are not told about it, though I’m sure this would cost more than you and I could guess. Hahaha… Hey Universal! How about a Batman helmet with pointy ears? :D

Also, those who also want to pay tribute to the late Heath Ledger could also check out this (less expensive) Joker jacket if they want…


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  1. hungrynez

    freaky but cool!

  2. @ Hungrynez, tama ba ang basa ko sa oras ng comment mo? 4:38 am??? Hahaha!

  3. me so want one ehehehe…im going bats over this

  4. @ chummy, me too! This could be cool for parties and even cosplay events as well :D

  5. Can you make cosplay posts? =D ?Yes!! I’m planning to post cosplay related tutorials extremely soon!

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  8. i like it.but I thought I did not have any money. Ouch!

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