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Iron Man and War Machine Nike Sneakers

The Iron Man 2 mania is definitely far from over! Besides, if Wolverine and heck, even Mickey Mouse got their own Nike sneakers, there’s no reason why everyone’s  favorite angsty, billionaire-inventor should be left behind!

Now as if a pair of Iron Man sneakers isn’t cool enough, good ole Shell Head is also tagging along his heavily-armed buddy War Machine - just like in the movies.

So here’s how the Nike kicks look like:

Yes, both the Iron Man and War Machine sneakers has this super cool arc reactor light you can turn on and off by pressing the tounge.

No, not one of them comes equipped with repulsor rays or gattling guns.


Go point your browser to Diversitile Custom Clothing for more images of these must-have sneakers.

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  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @dj, absolutely! :D

  3. Sylvester says:

    swa eeeeeeeeeet!

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