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Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Just finished watching Iron Man 2 with my friends days ago. Naturally, I tried to avoid each and every review I saw online so as to prevent that from me enjoying the movie totally. I don’t like spoilers (who does?) since I believe it takes away something from the entire experience.

So far, I’ve been successful at avoiding reviews and spoilers but while watching Iron Man 2, I felt like there were too few surprises for me to expect anyway. I think Marvel showed too much previews! Several scenes became too easy to predict because of it. For example, I realized the suitcase scene would’ve been more awesome if it was my first time to see that while watching. Please don’t feed us too much next time, Marvel, I beg you!

Now let me write this entry and play the part of the spoiler! Hahah!.. First off, I think Scarlett Johansson surprised me the most. She makes a compelling Black Widow. I’ll admit I initially had hesitations and thought she looked too cutie-cutie for a super spy role but she did prove me wrong. She’s really more than just a pretty face - she’s got the moves and she gets the job done! Those few minutes of stunts were really a show stopper!

As for Don Cheadle donning the War Machine armor (a little pun intended there), I think he did well. I almost didn’t miss Terence Howard. If there’s one thing he lacked, I’d say its the super hero physique. He looked a little too frail for a superhero, don’t you think?

Mickey Rourke as an actor sure fits the role as Whiplash. As a character, he was convincingly creepy. The end was disappointing for me though. I’ve always been afraid he’d be a lame villain ever since I saw his first pictures as Whiplash and my suspicions were confirmed.

Although he had his own Whiplash armor (which looked nothing like the supposed hint from a recent Iron Man Vs. Whiplash comicbook), he was too easily defeated and that didn’t sit well with me. Think about it. Videogame big bosses are supposed to be the hardest to beat but Iron man and War Machine took him down almost effortlessly. It looked like Tony and Rhodey had a harder time with the drones. Whiplash seemed deadlier during the racetrack scene even when he was armor-less at the time and was only wearing his infamous orange pants.

Now I don’t know if I still need to say anything about Robert Downey Jr. He IS Iron Man. Fact is, Its almost always impossible for me to separate him and the Tony Stark persona. He’s so natural and doesn’t seem like acting at all. Watch any Downey interview and compare that to his on-screen role and there’s almost no difference. He’s really that impressive!

Jon Favreau’s role as Happy Hogan is also worth-mentioning. I loved it when he “slipped” plus his “I got him” line.

And oh! Captain America’s shield makes a brief appearance once more in the movie. I think I died laughing with what Tony used it for. Man, the upcoming Avengers film will really be hilarious with Tony around.

Now I patiently hung around for the after-credits and - woohoo! – it was totally worth the wait! That New Mexico scene was totally thrilling and seeing Mjolnir gave me geeky goosebumps I couldn’t refrain myself from clapping out of sheer fanboy excitement!

Catch Iron Man 2 now if you still haven’t done that. You wouldn’t want to miss the fun. Still I won’t say that this one is better than the first Iron Man film.

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10 Responses to “Iron Man 2 Movie Review”

  1. do you know where to download this one?

  2. nagasane says:

    I think Scarlett Johansson really did a great job as Black Widow. I personally don’t know Black Widow skills in fighting especially in hand-to-hand combat. She really surprised me. As for Don Cheadle as War Mak, I think he’s a little small to play for the role and as what you are saying he lack a hero physique. However, I like his weapon, especially the “Ex-Wife”. Boom! Hahahaha! Lastly and frankly, I don’t like the last Whiplash Armor Suit in last part of the movie. I expect that he will build a more variable armor, I personally like his 1st armor. But from the scale of 1-10, I gave Iron Man 2 a score of 8….because of the “Ex-Wife Weapon”, Nyahaha! c”,)

  3. Mark Rosario says:

    @ PGT, I have no idea. Why not watch it in theaters anyway?

    @ Nagasane, Tony and Rhodey sure needs a better villain for Iron Man 3, if there will be one.

  4. Bien says:

    The Mandarin should be next.

  5. I’m hoping to go and see this next week, I’ve tried to avoid reviews of it, which I usually do before seeing a film, but I noticed yours from CMF and just had to stop by and read it ;)

  6. Ida says:

    Re how villain was defeated - AGREE! super dali! sobrang sandali lang ‘yung laban niya with ironman and war machine. nabitin ako! sayang. ang ganda pa naman nung laban with the drones.

  7. Ryan Y says:

    Great review Markus. I agree with all your points.

    Check out my review here:

    Cheers! :D

  8. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Bien, lets wait and see if that happens! By the way, hows AdoboVerse? :D

    @ Karen, much appreciated. Thanks alot!

    @ Ida, kaya nga e. Walang thrill. Heheh!

    @ Ryan, read your review too. Thanks, man!

  9. “…the upcoming Avengers film will really be hilarious with Tony around.”

    Can anyone confirm his future involvement at this point? As Robert Downey Jr. himself implied within the film, maybe his actor’s fee might be getting too expensive for an ensemble production.

    “Whiplash seemed deadlier during the racetrack scene…”

    Another thing that made the final showdown such a letdown was that it took place at night, as in the first film. CGI might be easier to do against a plain dark background, but the audience was treated to another night battle scene between shiny CGI characters. The racetrack battle was at least visually different.

  10. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Michael, both Downey and Favreau have confirmed Iron Man’s participation for the Avengers film. Now lets just keep our fingers crossed that nothing changes along the way! :)

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