Iron Man Armor Wars

Iron Man Armor Wars

Nov 12

I haven’t followed Marvel’s recent all-ages Iron Man Armor Wars limited series so I really can’t say much about the title. But allow me to post the covers here. I really liked ‘em so much.

Here’s issue 1’s cover by Scottie Young. Among the four, I’d say this easily wins the spot as my most favorite. I love the uniquely-done sketchy art style.

Another one by Scottie Young.  Doctor Doom sure looks creepy here. The cape reminds me a bit of Spawn though. Just “a bit” so no violent reactions please. Haha!

Now this is a cover by Francis Tsai. Darn it! I admit I can’t look at painted Iron Man covers without thinking of Adi Granov anymore.

This last cover for the series is by Takeshi Miyazawa. Yes, that’s the guy who drew Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane way, way back.

So there goes my quick blog post for now. Haha! Stay tuned next time for more. And oh! The series is written by Joe Caramagna and illustrated by Craig Rousseau. Can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you that.  :D

*Images owned by Marvel.


  1. These are some pretty cool covers. I’ve read some Iron Man titles over the years and enjoyed some of them. I like the different artistic takes on this character.

  2. @ Rob, thanks for the comment, man. Hey December Sun looks pretty awesome, I’m gonna check it out more when I get the chance! :)

  3. This bright, clean, tightly written version of nevertheless another comic book hero picture may in reality turn into one of the most respected and top ranked flicks in this genre

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