Francis Magalona Tribute

I got surprised when I started hearing about an Eat Bulaga TV ad for an upcoming Francis Magalona tribute episode the past week. Time flies too fast and I didn’t notice its already been one whole year ago when the Master Rapper returned to his Master.

Countless Pinoy artists  have been paying tribute to this great man since then and I am just awed with what they come up. Here are some of the most unique and most amazing Francis Magalona tribute pieces I’ve seen online these past 12 months.

This is FrancisM Tribute by Dexter of DeviantArt. I instantly feel in love with the piece. It became my desktop wallpaper not just for days and weeks but for several months.

When I wanted to write an entry about Kiko’s passing, this was the tribute image I decided to use. I liked it so much and thankfully, artist Jannus Llaneta was cool about it and gave consent. This remains as one of my top favorites. For me, this captures not only his love for the country but also his courage in facing the Big C.

Featuring the infamous Three Stars and a Sun logo plus Kiko’s Happy Battle era image, I’m guessing your reaction as you saw this was the same as mine - “Wow, that’s cool! I want one!” Ayin Gurling customized this using fabric paint and permanent markers… Really awesome!

This one’s inspired by one of my favorite songs from Francis - Cold Summer Nights, just in case you missed it.  Its a cool wall vinyl created by another DeviantArt user who calls himself Supermanisback.

As the image indicates, this one’s by Edgar Tadeo and was done way back 2005. For those wondering, Francis once had an album called The Oddventures of Mr. Cool. On top of that, Kiko is also a huge comics fan himself so an Iceman caricature is simply appropriate.

Speaking of comics, here’s a panel from the pages of X-Men Legacy #266, also inked by Edgar Tadeo.Of course, this isn’t the first time the FMCC logo appeared on a Marvel title. Super star artist Leinil Yu also managed to insert it at other books such as Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk plus the best selling Secret Invasion. Any DC sightings I might’ve missed, guys? Post it on the comment section below, just in case. I’m really not aware if there’s one.

Now to cap it off, here’s a heart-warming video from Perf De Castro, a friend and frequent collaborator of Francis M himself which he recorded just a few hours after hearing about Francis’ passing. This almost drove me to tears. The emotion’s there as he plays the entire song. After watching this, I think I now know better what it means when they say “play it with feelings”.. Thanks for sharing this powerful piece with us, Perf.

Supermanisback - Cold Summer Nights (wall vinyl)

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4 Responses to “Francis Magalona Tribute”

  1. Dexter says:

    hi there mark! thanks for featuring my piece..yeah, its been a year already since he passed long sir Kiko.

    OT:Im still waiting for the E.Buendia/FrancisM collaboration LP.haven’t got any update besides the “Higante” single.

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    Dex, no problem. Yeah, I’m waiting for that album too.

  3. Ayin Gurling says:

    Glad you think my custom Francis M. Vans were cool. :)

  4. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Ayin, it really was! Hope it gets mass-produced in the future :)

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