Captain America: The First Avenger|Movie Review

Captain America: The First Avenger|Movie Review

Aug 05

Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled when it was first announced that Chris Evans will be taking the role of Captain America. I thought he was too young for the role plus I’m used to seeing him play less serious characters (case in point – Johnny Storm). To add to that, I wasn’t much of a fan of the costume either when the concept art first leaked on the web. Came San Diego Comic Con 2010, Robert Downey Jr. made a historic moment when he introduced the entire cast of the Avengers for the 2012 movie. I was happy, yes. But still – my mind couldn’t see Chris Evans wearing the iconic stars and stripes.

I finally got to see Captain America: The First Avenger last week, mostly just to connect the puzzle pieces that lead to the upcoming Avengers.

And man! I was totally blown away! I’d say I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved the story, I loved the tone of the film plus I loved Chris Evans’ performance. The guy makes a convincing Cap. He looks and acts the part. Believe me. This is a different Chris Evans. I entirely forgot about the Human Torch as I watched the film. And I totally felt like a kid again each time he threw his mighty shield. In short, he proved my doubts wrong.

Not only that, his performance as a bullied weakling was also praiseworthy. He handled the role of pre-serum Steve Rogers quite well. I actually loved the way they explored the character first before turning him into a super soldier.

I also loved the way they injected the moral of the story. It’s unmistakably there but it never feels too preachy. I totally liked the part when Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanely Tucci) was dying (not that I liked dying doctors, mind you) and he was simply pointing his finger on Steve Roger’s chest. That was enough for me. Making him say his “huling habilin” would’ve been too cheesy. I’m glad they went wordless for that part.

Another part I loved was when Bucky (Sebastian Stan) had the chance to use Cap’s shield at one point. That scene may not be noteworthy for the casual movie goer but followers of the comic book can best appreciate that. Bucky was once a Captain America replacement!

Other favorite moments include seeing the cover of Captain America #1, the pocket watch scene, the USO costume, “I think it works,” “I’m not kissing you” and of course, Stan Lee’s hilarious cameo.

If I had to complain about something though, it had to be that, Marvel showed too much on the previews and trailers - again. I really believe the “grenade” scene would’ve been more memorable and much more heroic if I saw it for the first time on the theater rather than on YouTube. It really takes away something from the experience.

Also, I thought the final fight scene with Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) was a bit too short – like Thor’s battle with Loki or Iron Man and War Machine’s clash with Whiplash… What’s up with that, Marvel? Seriously.

As a whole, I’d still say Captain America: The First Avenger is one entertaining movie. It made me excited for Avengers and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel either.

What do you think about the movie? Leave a comment below and let’s talk!

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  1. I pretty much agree with you: it is entertaining! As popcorn movies go,I thought Captain America was a lot better than you might expect.

    The film-makers are obviously very aware of the cynical eyes of today’s audience towards jingoism and that slight anti-American feeling that is slowly creeping in beyond their own country. A misstep too far in bringing this latest superhero to the screen might not only jeopardize their international box office, but also their long-awaited spin-off “The Avengers” of which “Captain America” was the last crucial missing link.

    So instead of falling into the traps of the obvious patriotic gush and just updating the story for the modern audience, into a modern setting, director Joe Johnston decided to stay true to the origins of his hero and kept the story rooted in 194os, during WW2 deciding to concentrate more on the old-fashion moral decency of the characters than their “let’s kick some ass” type of mentality.


  2. Edz Rizo

    I totally agree with you on all points, Markus.

    The actions scenes were a bit… well, bitin, but you know. The other parts of the movie more than made up for it. Pocket watch scene FTW!

    I like (note the present tense, hahaha) Stanley Tucci’s performance mostly because he plays gay characters so well and then to suddenly thrust him into this role… it’s an excellent choice.

    Now I can’t wait for the Avengers. :D

    Great review, BTW. ^^

  3. V2.0

    Hell, he OWNED the role, dude!

    Take note though, Chris is 30 years old, Cap was around his early 20s when he became a super soldier. :)

    Bucky is not just a Captain America replacement ‘once’, he IS the current Captain America (to Marvel: bring back Steve!) :)

    I can’t wait for the ‘Big 3′ of The Avengers to come together on-screen! That scene alone would be worth the wait. :D

  4. V2.0

    “Also, I thought the final fight scene with Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) was a bit too short – like Thor’s battle with Loki or Iron Man and War Machine’s clash with Whiplash… What’s up with that, Marvel? Seriously.”

    I think they are trying to make it look realistic. Take note that in most war movies - a 15 minute operation of a Navy SEALs unit on a mission when turned into a hollywood film, will take around 30 minutes to an hour. Got my drift?

    But then again we have to consider that the film may become too dragging if fight scenes were ‘too’ long (flashback: Transformers: Dark of the Moon). :)

  5. @MovieGeek, I wasn’t kidding when I said I enjoyed every minute of it. As amazing as Thor was, I loved this movie even better… And hey! Thanks for dropping by.

    @Edz, I didn’t know that about Stanley. Hahah! I better check out his past films and see that. Thanks for commenting!

    @ V2.0, those are interesting trivia pieces heheh.. Thanks for sharing. And oh! Bucky just died on Fear Itself so I’m counting him out as Cap. Steve Rogers is back in action and has his own book again (by Brubaker and McNiven). Btw, I also agree - I also can’t wait to see the big 3 onscreen. May 2012 could never come soon enough! :)

  6. Melissa Bradley

    Found you at Chaos N Mayhem Network. Great review, though I did not enjoy this film at all. I like my heroes dark and conflicted. I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

  7. Great article Markus!

    I really enjoyed reading it, I completely agree. I loved the movie and still looking back on it and thinking about it, it still makes me smile.

    I thought that they did such a great job and really did justice to the Captain America character.

    Big fan of seeing Captain America #1 shown on-screen and Stan Lee, as per usual, was great!

    You do make a good point about when Dr Erskine was dying, it was subtle and stopped short of being cheesy. Very much like when Peggy Carter and Cap were talking to each other over the radio “It’s a date”, loved it because it stopped before it became a cliche.

    It was an awesome film and one I would quite happily watch again.

  8. Melissa, thanks for dropping by! Aside from the Dark Knight, the upcoming Ghost Rider instantly came to mind when you said “dark and conflicted.” Lets see if that one would be good :)

    Russell, thanks for the epic comment. I enjoyed reading your review too. Cant wait for the Avengers to assemble myself :)

  9. I’ve to admit Im definitely looking forward to this movie - I mean I’ve often located the notion of Captain America irksome, even the curiosity of watching JD Salinger’s kid play him in that earlier movie version wasnt enough to actually make me do so. But he looks wonderful here, the costume is the greatest live superhero uniform Ive observed, constructing on the X-Men Initially Class jumpsuits.

  10. @PerfectMe, I think the costume for the Avengers film will be much more awesome. Thanks for the comment!:)


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