Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

Jun 04

I’m sure you’ve already seen it by now. I’m talking about the heavily-blogged about concept art for the upcoming superhero flick Captain America: The First Avenger.

Fans reaction to it were mixed, although generally positive. Some fanboys say they like the retro-vibe while there are also those who observed that the costume looked too modern for a World War II battlesuit. Some missed the little wings and the scales!

Either way, its exciting that the movie is finally on a roll and the next best thing perhaps would be to see another preview of Chris Evans wearing the actual costume.

With that in mind, lets take a brief moment and compare one of those concept artworks with this photo-manipulated image of Chris Evans as Captain America we’ve seen online a few months back.

While there are notable differences, the similarity of the over-all idea is still so striking you cant help but suspect this is more than just a “fan made” image.

Anyhoo, Captain America: The First Avenger hits the theaters come July 22, 2011, starring Chris Evans and will be directed by Joe Johnston.

Lets keep our eyes peeled for that and lets expect more previews from Marvel in the near future!

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  1. Ida

    Since I am not a fanboy, I will say this: ANG GWAPO NI CHRIS EVANS AS CAPTAIN AMERICA <3 <3 <3!!!

    Hehe, that aside, it does look too modern if the setting will be WWII. But, you never know what they can do with movie magic so maybe it'll turn out alright. :)

  2. @ Ida, thanks for providing some fangirl insight! Hahah.. Can’t wait to see this movie myself. I’d say I was somehow a fan. I had a Captain America costume when I was a kid! :D

  3. Hands down great reviews


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