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Batman and Robin #3 Comics Review

Here’s the first page for Batman and Robin #3. That’s Batman dragging a flaming dude on the streets of Gotham to try and get him talk. As you can see, he’s doing interrogation in a different way than what we’ve seen from him some issues ago when he tricked Toad and did it in a very funny way. For an opening scene, I’d say this is wickedly awesome. And by the way, nice ride you have there, Bats! This should be perfect for that motorcycle attire I’ve told you about the last time. :D

Batman then goes to rescue Damian and hands him his Robin badge back. At least, they get around working as a team again - and hopefully for long. I really have my doubts. Another glitch should be on the way, especially when you’re with an arrogant little guy like Damian, I’m sure.

How egotistical can this kid be?… Here’s one example. He wakes up at the villains’ headquarters after being knocked unconscious, all tied-up and stuff. His first question?…

Now after successfully bringing the Circus of Strange down and letting the police take over, the Dynamic Duo then rides that now infamous flying Batmobile. The first line we get from Damian?..

Tsss. Arrogant. Just plain arrogant.

I could still cite several others but I think you already got the picture.  If there’s one thing I liked about him, though, it’s definitely this cool hood he’s wearing. Hahah!

Anyway I’d just have to note that the doll people all look too creepy. Just staring at them scares the heck out of me. It feels like watching one of those old horror films. As for Professor Pyg, well, he’s just… gross! Hahaha! That dance number is so hilarious and so yucky at the same time.

Grant Morrison is unquestionably brilliant that way. His writing can be fun-to-read, nostalgic and twisted, while being fast-paced and still managing to insert several seemingly-insignificant details (i.e. Alfred and the picture frame) all at the same time. That’s a great thing for this series. Besides that’s how anyone would hope a Batman and Robin series should be. I can’t wait for a trade paperback. I hope there will be one.

This is definitely a great conclusion for the first story arc! Of course, it ends on a cliffhanger, with Red Hood showing up to “save” Scarlet and offer her to be his partner. I think that’s enough to make things exciting for the next issue.

Naturally, most fans are sad to see Frank Quitely leave (he’ll only be doing covers after this I guess). Honestly, I feel the same. He seems to be a perfect fit for the course Grant Morrison is taking for the series. It really feels like he left some big shoes to fill for Philip Tan and everyone else, for that matter. Then again, I’m thinking Philip can pull it off. This variant cover for Batman and Robin #5 should prove my point. Way to go, Kababayan! :)

And oh! Speaking of covers, here’s the one for Batman and Robin #3 done by Quitely. I’m really a bad reviewer for almost forgetting to post this! Hahah!

*All images owned by DC Comics

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  1. Blanche says:

    cool…..amazingly awesome!!!!

  2. Queen Katherine says:

    Hi - This doesn’t really apply to your post, although the pictures were cool, I don’t really know what you’re talking about. :) I just wanted to let you know I’ve tried to drop on you twice in the last 2 days, and each time I get a “no such user” comment. Just FYI.

  3. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Blanche, @ Queen Katherine.. Thanks!

  4. kelvin says:

    walang batman beyond?

  5. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Kelvin.. Onga no? Try ko next time! Ahihihi…

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