Amazing Spider-Man #666|Comics Review

Amazing Spider-Man #666|Comics Review

Aug 09

I love Dan Slott. Its been a wild ride ever since he took the driver’s seat for Amazing Spider-Man and I love it. I dig the way he writes Peter Parker plus his plot ideas are always the most interesting. This guy has a knack for pushing boundaries and taking Webhead to directions we’ve never seen the character before – in a good way, that is (not in a One More Day way or something).

In my head, I visualize Dan’s writing process like this:

“Why is Peter always penniless when he’s a huge science buff? Let’s put him on a big company and give him a high-paying job.” “If he’s so smart, why doesn’t he invent other gadgets? The web shooter’s getting old. Let’s add something to his arsenal.” “What’s gonna happen to our hero if we remove his spider sense?”

You get the picture.

For Amazing Spider-Man #666, Dan continues with the tradition and decides to take things on a massive scale. He poses these questions this time around: “What happens when normal New York citizens suddenly acquire spider powers?” “How will Peter handle it if his ‘great power’ becomes pretty common?”

Welcome to the Spider Island, kids – a three-month Spider event – and its looking really fun as early as now! Let’s see how our favorite wall-crawler deals with this:

And this:

And this!

Amazing Spider-Man #666 is written by Dan Slott and illustrated by the fantastic Stefano Caselli. Go grab a copy at your favorite comic book store!


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  1. V2.0

    This looks cool! I can’t wait to see how this arc turns out :D

  2. V2.0, it’s action-packed, chaotic and fun all at the same time. I love it! :)


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