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Urbandub - First Decade | Online Concert Review

This week, I finally got to watch the Urbandub online concert - the first of its kind here in the Philippines. Aptly titled First Decade, this is indeed a celebration for the band’s 10th year anniversary.

Anyway, here’s what I think about the gig - and some screen shots too:

Quite appropriately, their first song was taken from their debut album. After not hearing it for some time, “Come” sounded fresh to my ears again  - perhaps most especially because of the synth noises provided by IQ of Switch (which was awesome). As usual, the band is in top performance but I kinda sensed there’s something wrong with vocalist/guitarist Gabby Alipe’s voice. He just couldn’t do the chorus’ falsetto parts (the troubles of steady-gigging, no?). To his credit though, he gives it his all and does his best with what he has. Fortunately, bassist Lalay Lim’s “La-la-la-la-la” backing vocals for “Gravity” saves the day, melts my soul and sends me to outer space. Hahahah! I just love her voice.

“Guillotine” was also awesome. I really like how the band grooves and dances with their instruments (with the exception for drummer Janjan Mendoza, of course) when playing this song. Its always fun to watch. They’ve really come up with a unique sound for this song and its obvious they enjoy playing it live.

“A New Tattoo” was quite a surprise as Gabby loses the guitar (plus the band) and he’s just left on the stage with a microphone and the Manila String Machine backing him up. Its a cool rendition of the song. I’m hoping they’d release a recorded version for this one. And hey, Gabs! Do something about that posture and lose that beer belly hahaha! Kidding, of course.

“First of Summer” remains to be the crowd favorite. After all, this is the  song that put the band on the map, so to speak. Guitarist John Dinopol always flies as high as he can each time they play this song and you can count on him to do that again.

Now I always find “Evidence” to be mesmerizing. It surely amazes me how this band can rock it out real hard one minute and then easily slide into a more relaxing number such as this one.

The show then ends with “Stars and The Sun.” I’m guessing this will be their next single.

All in all, Urbandub First Decade was a fine viewing experience for me. They’re really a great live act, technical and performance wise, and its a treat that the sound system is really awesome. You can clearly hear every instrument.

Urbandub First Decade offers you three options when viewing this online gig, by the way. There’s the Standard, the HD and the MultiCam (where you get to choose from four different camera angles). Problem is my slow PC wasn’t cooperating quite well with the MultiCam feature so I settled for the other versions instead. Its still worth it, mind you.

Go to for more details about how you can also watch the gig. And yeah! Thanks to for my free Concert Passkey :)

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2 Responses to “Urbandub - First Decade | Online Concert Review”

  1. Sha says:

    I haven’t watched it sa pero syempre sa live napanood ko na. I wanna see the multi-view ng cameras! Thanks for joining ha? :)

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Sha, sometimes the multi-view camera shifts so fast my lazy PC cant keep up. Haha! Thanks for the freebie! :)

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