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First Five Gig

When I stared at the sky before 6pm yesterday, I knew it would rain. I just knew. Dark clouds were up above. I was kinda hoping the rains wouldn’t fall. But it did. Hard. Looking back now, I guess I’d say I’m glad it did! Hahaha…

The Tanduay First Five gig happened last night and it was really a great chance to catch 5 bands in a single stage - for free (well, somebody gave me free tickets). I’m still a bit dizzy for lack of sleep as I type these words since I got home very late after it so be kind and tell me of any typos you can spot here, okay? Okay!

Anyway, the concert ticket said it would start 6:30 pm but I’ve never met a person who believes in tickets. I got there at the venue (CSI City Mall parking area) past 7 and I met up with my friends and hang around Stadia for sometime.

8:30 came and 6 Cycle Mind took the stage (and oh, impressive fireworks you have there, Tanduay people). We can see it from where we were but we didn’t bother going to the concert area proper just yet because of the drizzle and we were, uhm, busy, with, uhm… okay! We were simply not interested. Just not our type of music - so no questions please. Hehe..

The next band was Sandwich. Of course, we were already inside the pit even before the band started preparing their gears. The first song was “Procrastinator” and the band – along with the crowd - just went wild. It seems the rain wasn’t enough to stop the audience from jumping up and down like a bunch of excited kangaroos during each and every song. Maybe it was because of the band’s strong stage presence. Probably, it was especially because of Raimund Marasigan’s magnetic personality and crazy onstage antics. Looking at the band play and have fun onstage, I just appreciated the thought that Marc Abaya left the group, although it was devastating for me at the time. I mean I like their old albums too but for me, Raimund’s full potential only showed when he took over the frontman duties. He does a good job at it. This guy can really rock any house at any time!

After that, Rico Blanco then quickly took his turn. It’s my first time to catch him live as a solo artist and it was a livewire performance as expected. He’s a musical genius he can handle singing and guitar playing at the same time and do both impressively. With his type of music, its not easy being just a three-piece band really. Plus this guy doesn’t simply write songs – he writes anthems! The rain fell the hardest during his set. Some had their umbrellas but most didn’t. No one left. I mean, seriously! Who could resist “Your Universe,” “Yugto” and “Antukin” anyway?

To the delight of the emo kids among the moshpit, up next was Chicosci. My younger brother loves this band though I myself can’t say much about this either. One thing I’d like to mention is how impressed I was with the Action Group – the security volunteers. When the kids were too raucous and before any fight would even ensue, they would intervene or take any rude guy outside the venue. That’s the type of security needed when you know things aren’t looking good anymore.

Last to play was Bamboo with their grunge-alternative-jazz-and-everything-in-between-influenced music. According to the hosts, this band won as “Best Live Act” (I forgot what year and what award-giving body, I wasn’t paying enough attention) and I think I can see that. I love the way Nathan flies with his Modulus bass. Vic is one heck of a drummer. The girls love Ira (haha) and as for Bamboo himself, hmmm… he was a ticking time bomb ready to explode any given moment! He enjoyed what he was doing and it was clearly easy to tell.

It was really an awesome party. What time did the show end? I didn’t know. I didn’t even attempt to peek at the clock on my phone. It was wet. I was wet. We were all wet. From head to foot. No kidding. Was it worth it?… Hmm… You bet!

Anyway, I better snooze some more now. Tomorrow’s a long day! :D

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7 Responses to “First Five Gig”

  1. Ida says:

    Concert in the rain! Sounds like a lot of fun. :D Inggit talaga ako!

  2. hungrynez says:

    nakalimutan nyo kasi mag alay ng itlog. hihihi..

  3. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Ida, you should try it. Its really, really fun! Hahah..

    @ hungrynez, hmm.. I’d have to admit di ko gets yan ah. :D

  4. journaliz says:

    I love the rhymes, the usage of Figure of Speech, the graceful repeatition, and the variation of sentences (from simple to complex)….nice fature here…might want to experiment on alliteration and hyphenated adjectives…it’s so much fun also!

  5. Mark Rosario says:

    @ journaliz, coming from you, that really means a lot. I appreciate the compliment, Chit. Sana sa next meeting, turuan mo rin kami ng mga writing tips :D

  6. carl says:

    mark… nice one… nice too…nice tree… nice for… high five for that… what i appreciate the most during that concert, was my wife!… “the rain lover was embraced by the cradle of the rainwoman”… rico’s queue had the hardest cry of ‘your universe’ yet for me and my wife its the sweetest and most soothing love song we’ve ever experienced (or we could ever imagine)…ops! sorry for the long prose (i didnt mean it)… just wanna say… “i love the rain!whhoooo!”

  7. Mark Rosario says:

    @ carl, Rico is really amazing. Hope to see more of his gigs! :D

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