The Avengers Are Everywhere (In The Philippines)

The Avengers Are Everywhere (In The Philippines)

May 01

My next blog entry after this would be the movie review but let me just confirm this for everybody - The Avengers fever has conquered the country!

Here are a few official Avengers movie merchandise available from the local stores.

From 7-11: As the poster says, every purchase of a 22-oz Gulp (or Slurpee) and an additional P15 gets you one Avengers Collector Card.  On a side note, its too bad Black Widow and Hawkeye had to share the same card. As if it wasn’t enough that they don’t have their own movies too haha!


From Petron: These Avengers tumblers get the award of being the most interesting. Even the most serious of collectors are raving at how nice and how detailed these tumblers are. In short, you bet you’ll see this up on eBay soon enough.

At P60, they’re also pretty cheap but the catch here is that you need to load up at least P1000 worth of fuel first.


From Jollibee: The “Bee” is looking to be the ultimate destination for all things Avengers as they have four different promo items for fans of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

First, they have this cool Jollibee ChickenJoy Avengers Bucket

Then there’s this Avengers Hero Mugs (which are available in black and blue).

From their Kids Meal, here’s the Avengers Super Hero Showdown tumbler toys.

Along with that, Kids Meal also offers two comic books from Marvel. One is the reprinted Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the other is a customized comic which features Jollibee itself.  I think this one’s quite interesting as this marks the first time the famous fast food chain included comic books in their promos.

From ABS-CBN Publishing: Finally, the country’s biggest Avengers fan tells us there’s this Avengers Official Movie Special magazine from the said publishing company. According to the guy, this one contains “profiles, activities,a pull-out poster, and the tie-in prequel comic by Fred Van Lente and Ron Lim, which is only supposed to come out next month!” You can check this out from major bookstores or wherever ABS magazines are sold (including 7-11).

Photo courtesy of Niki Yarte

What about you? Any Avengers sightings? Tell us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Jaybee

    The Petron tumblers are awesome bro. I got mine from Petron’s raffle during the Avengers block screening sponsored by Tambayan 101.9.

    I got the Iron Man tumbler. It has a push button at the back which raises the left hand (for a repulsor blast) and lights up the arc reactor in the chest. Talagang collectors item siya.

    As for the other merchandise, I saw tons of Avengers shirts being sold in tiangges. Pinakamabenta, I think, eh ung may Capt. America shield design. Saw lots of people from our place suddenly wearing them.

  2. Fritz

    sir meron akong mag ng official movie special, at mga cards ng 7-11.. then comics ng avengers then hopefully yung tumbler ng petron, i think these are limited tumblers…
    and yup avengers invaded our republic of the philippines.. yahoooo…
    who’s ur hero sir? me i think hulk, he humiliated loki very bad ;)

  3. Choi

    GAWD, I hate the fact that those tumblers you need to be a Petron afficionado, my parents are Shell people! >:( (I WANT THE THOR ONE ;_; )

    Oh well, thank goodness for the Comic shops, I just bought myself a bobblehead figure. I’ll just going to splurge with an actual action figure when I get a job… haha.

  4. Eric

    There’s also the Shangrila Cineplex exclusive tumblers with figures ->

  5. Jaybee, yeah truedat about the Cap shirts. I saw a bunch of jejemons wearing them and I didnt know what to feel about it. Hahah!

    Fritz, Hanep, halos meron ka na pala lahat nito hehehe.. Tindi mo. As for Hulk, he stole every moment! He seems more likeable now than the previous movies. Plus galing ng portrayal ni Mark Ruffalo as Banner. Very shy but in control. I like Hulk too but Cap’s always the best haha!

    Choi, with Jaybee’s description, I think I’d like to have an Iron Man.

    Eric, nice find. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Baddie

    Yup, the Petron tumblers are the only Avengers merchandise I’ve seen that really look like they’re not typical (crappy) promotional collectibles. Even though I’m a Shell guy, I had no problems gassing up twice at a Petron station to get these suckers. Got all 4 plus an extra Iron Man for a friend and an extra Thor for the girlfriend. Heh.

  7. Fritz

    yes sir captain america is the great planner and very good leader… and mark ruffalo done smoothly… thanks sir sa blog mo.. im proud na merong ganitong site para sa mahilig sa marvel.. sana marami pang sumuporta nito.. u r a true marvelite of the philippines… sana mapansin ni sir stan lee ang planet markus

  8. Baddie, I agree. They are totally not crappy.. Sigh! Gotta find a nearby station that allows buying this without receipts!

    Fritz, thanks sa suporta mo at sa sipag mong mag-comment sa mga posts hehe!

  9. Fritz

    your very much welcome sir markus,, im a fan of yours, you know… its my pleasure,, thanks too sir at may site na ganito sa katulad kong semi-marvel freak

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