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Soundgarden Announces 2010 Reunion

I was 15 when I discovered Soundgarden. I’d say I instantly fell in love with the band and immediately wanted to hear their songs over and over. I have clear memories of walking into a record bar to buy Superunknown (where I previously saw it) and the saleslady told me they’ve ran out of copies already. I insisted I saw the album there just days before and asked her to look for it in their stocks perhaps. So the girl disappeared for a few minutes and, to my delight, came back with a cassette tape in hand  - yep, this was long before the days of CDs and MP3s, haha!. The tape’s case had a prominent crack in front and they were hesitant to sell it to me - but heck, I didn’t mind! For me, my mission was accomplished and I happily went home.

Imagine my horror when a few months shortly after that, my bestfriend showed me a magazine announcing Soundgarden has just disbanded. It was really a sad day for me to know that they won’t be making music together as a band.

Now imagine my delight when rumors about an upcoming Soundgarden reunion has recently been announced and confirmed – by no less than Chris Cornell himself! Cornell’s latest Twitter post plainly stated “The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!” and then left a link that lead to

WOW! Finally! What a way to start the year! I am getting too excited for this. Of course, being from a far country, I may not be able to catch them on tour once they go for it. But still, I am anxiously anticipating to hear some new music from the guys. I really wouldn’t mind walking at a record store once more to buy a new Soundgarden album.

“Feel the rhythm with your hands, steal the rhythm while you can”
- Spoonman (Superunknown, March 1994)

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2 Responses to “Soundgarden Announces 2010 Reunion”

  1. chummy says:

    wow awesome news u got there, been hooked ever since hearing chris screaming “Loud Love!” Ultramega OK days and my fave is the album Badmotorfinger. \m/

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Chummy, I’m hoping they’d make new music together. I really didn’t like Chris’ last solo album so much. :)

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