Shortlisted Interview #18: Adrian Biblanias

Shortlisted Interview #18: Adrian Biblanias

Jul 12

Howdy, dear readers!

As Eddie Vedder would say, “I’m still alive” although I’ve been very busy with work, some comic strips about pregnancy (I’ll tell you more next time - that’s for a separate entry) and other serious life stuff (like watching Pixar films with the wife haha). Anyway, I’m temporarily back for another artist interview with another talented Pinoy who made an impression on CB Cebulski when he came over to our shores. This time, we’ll be featuring Adrian Biblanias.

Read on and check out his cool stuff below!

Mark Rosario:  Tell us something about yourself.

Adrian Biblanias: I’m Adrian Biblanias from San Juan City. I’m a CAD Manager/TL weekdays & do photography as a sideline. I enjoy watching cartoons (yes, Anime the most hehe) & collect comics. I always draw on my spare time (yes, even in-between office hours…shhh don’t tell anyone hehe) & even did a cartoon art for a book (unfortunately the book didn’t come out…) As for comic book experience…I’m sorry I don’t have any (but, through these, maybe someday I will! )

I grew up watching cartoons, & doing character designs as a hobby when I was in grade school & in high school. I enjoy creating new characters & sometimes a rip-off of a certain super hero. I’m a typical drawing addict who imitates & experiments on different styles of Anime & American cartoon. When I took up Architecture, I never get to draw that much, because most of the time, I do drafting & renderings. I continued drawing cartoons & characters when I finished college & passed my board exams.

MR:  What did you apply for and what made you decide to try out?

AB: I applied as a Cover Artist. When I bought my first comic book, (its Excalibur Earth-99476 Dino-world 1992), I realized that I wanted to be part of it & do something different. So when I first heard about the contest, I thought that I have nothing to lose, & it’s a once-in-a-life time opportunity so tried out.

MR: Tell us a little about the samples you sent.

AB: I sent a set of Pin-up drawings of characters (it’s actually a mix of Marvel & DC Characters…) mostly girls & a couple of guys which I did 2 days before deadline. Most of the drawings I sent are from my old sketch portfolio that I scanned & edited.

MR:  What were you doing when you discovered you made it to the shortlist? How did you feel at the moment?

AB: I am in an island in Antique at that time when I received the call from National Bookstore. Chad (the guy from NBS) told me that I got short listed & needed to report the following day (which is Sunday, 18th of March). At first I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say, and then I realized I have to go back to Manila for the interview. The problem was, the next flight back to Manila will be on the 19th. When I got back here in Manila on Monday at around 4:45pm (19th of March), I immediately called Chad & he told me that Mr. Cebulski will still be around until 6:30 that night.

So there, I arrived 6:00pm. It felt good knowing that I made it!

MR: How did the Cebulski interview go? What did he say about your work?

AB: I was nervous about the interview, because it’s Mr. Cebulski himself who will be reviewing my portfolio. The interview went well. He is Nice & very approachable, and If my memory serves me right, he even said that the set I send standout (hehe), the details, the characters & the girls! (Shadowcat especially & Harley Quinn as well! hehe) He also gave me advice on working on my BGs.

MR: I heard there’s still another test from Cebulski, right? What does that mean and what are you currently doing to warm up for that?

AB: Maybe there is, but when, I don’t know. He did however ask me to send my drawings & other works to his email, and from there I think, test shots will be given.  Preparations, I still keep on practicing & reading a lot of comics… 

MR:  Let’s talk influences. Who are some of your heroes in the industry?

AB: There’s a lot of comic book artist out there whom I look up to. Locally, there’s Whilce Portacio (I know it sounds obvious but its true hehe), Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, Leinil Yu & Carlo Pagulayan. Other artists I look up to include: Jim Lee, Olivier Coipel, Kenneth Rocafort, John Romita Sr. & Jr. and Alex Ross.

MR: Given the chance to pick, which Marvel books/characters would you hope to do in the near future?

AB: I would love to draw Uncanny X-Force & X-Men (The guys who introduced me to the world of mutants). Doctor Strange and Thor. And if ever there would be, the “Girls of Marvel”.

MR: Thank you for your time! Tell us where fans can find you for updates and more.

AB: Wow fans! Hehe.. They can find me in Facebook & in deviantart

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