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Rocket and Bounce | Web Comics Review

For anyone wanting to take a break from all the gloom and doom that seems to be too prevalent in most comics these days, Rocket and Bounce can surely be a treat!

Rocket is a flying boy wearing what looks to be like an Ultraman helmet while Bounce is a girl who, uhm, bounces and has some sort of a Speedball effect going on. The webcomic follows the adventure of these sensational super siblings who seem to enjoy arguing with each other as much as they love chasing villains. So there’s spandex - check. Action - check. Humor - big check!

No dark plots and complicated characters, finishing to read Rocket and Bounce gives you a good feeling - similar to how it felt as a kid after watching your favorite Saturday morning cartoon!

The main bummer here, though, is that the series is currently on a hiatus - but not to worry! Creator Gene Kelly promises us he’ll be “back on track” with more pages within the year.

I personally couldn’t wait!

It’s always nice to read titles that bring the fun back to comicbook-reading.

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