These are the days when I am just so thankful that we still have a cassette player at home. Several days ago, an office buddy lent me a tape of this self-titled album from a Swedish band called Popsicle.

Now, I don’t know if anybody out there still remembers this album (released way back 1996), let alone the band, but I truly enjoyed listening to this one again. I’m just not sure if this is a concept album or what but this one’s really filled with songs that deal about relationships-gone-wrong.

I love “Not Forever”. The song is about a guy who wants to have his girl back after a break up. After all these years, I still find it’s “Cause I can change/ I’m not the same/ Not forever” chorus as simply catchy that I can’t help but go through that dreaded disease called last-song-syndrome. Some other lines from the song that I liked include “You’re my relief and you’re the one who makes me cry” and “What can I say, I’m not okay, I wish I was”

“Third Opinion” is a comfort song for a sad girl who has also called it quits with someone. The first verse asks several questions: “Did he write a single letter?/ Did he even save the ones you wrote with love?/ Could he ever bring you comfort?/ Could he ever bring something up?” Sounds sad but reassuring at the same time. It’s a long song that only has two verses but it won’t bore you a bit, I promise.

“Please Don’t Ask” is, hands-down, the most emotional track of them all (at least for me). Its, well, another tragic break up song but the difference is this one accurately catches a guy’s point of view in situations like that. The chorus confesses “Please don’t ask any questions/ Just let it be/ Cause I’ve told you what I mean/ And please don’t leave any message/ Just say goodbye/ I will try to hide the way I feel this time.” Along with The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry,” this is one of those songs that admit that we, guys, do feel pain but most of the time, do not want to show it. Whether the girls believe it or not, that’s the truth.

It’s just ironic. The album is filled with sad themes but I find it fun to listen to it. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Heheh.. Great album, though. A must-have for alternative enthusiasts.

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