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Okay, I Think I’m Ready For The Spider-Man Reboot Now

We can’t do anything about it anymore, guys so I guess the best thing is to move on…  And let’s all look at the brighter side!…

As amazing (pun intended) as the Spider-Man trilogy was, Tobey Maguire’s portrayal simply lacked the humor and witty sarcasm we’ve all grown to love from our favorite wall crawler, right?.. I’m pretty sure you’d agree with that if you’re reading the comics.

So now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next actor and director, whoever they may be, would use those sides of Peter Parker really well. It deserves some exposure and maybe here’s our chance to see that on screen.

So bring the next movie on, Sony! :)

But better make it good. Please!.. Or else you’ll forever be hated by fans for losing Maguire and Sam Raimi.

And please keep the mask on at all times! I really didn’t like the fact that too many people at the train saw Peter’s face at the second film.

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