My Wife Is Pregnant Comics

My Wife Is Pregnant Comics

Aug 28

Unlike some of my recent posts, I wont begin this entry with apologies for updating the blog very late again.

Instead, let me tell you how excited I am to be finally doing comics. Yeps, I am now writing and drawing my own series. I began a few months ago and it’s actually inspired by real-life experiences.  The comic is called My Wife Is Pregnant and, as you can figure out from the title, its about the pregnancy of my wife!

This is my first attempt at creating comics and its really fun. I’ve been learning a lot and I’m grateful for my wife for the motivation. On top of that, my friends are so supportive as well. Special thanks to letterer/digital enhancer Teardrop Cordez and colorist Steph Faith Bautista for making my artworks look a little more tolerable hahah! Also, thanks to the folks of Indie Komiks Manila for being awesome!

Currently, I’ve uploaded 15 strips online while 2 pages are being colored. These past weeks, I’ve also finished all the thumbnails I need to complete the book. All I have to do now is to turn those little sketches into actual pages.

I’m really busy with the dayjob lately (there goes the alibi) and the baby (thats a blessing!) but I do strive to find time for this. I take inspiration from Callous Comics creator Doc Carlo Jose San Juan (a medical doctor by profession), Kalayaan-creator  Gio Paredes (a full-time computer programmer) and several other komikeros who, despite having jobs and kids, still manage to release more than a few titles every now and then.

I’m hoping to roll out the print version soon (October 27 Komikon - or, if all else fails, by the Summer Komikon at the latest). It will be 26 pages, black and white interiors, colored cover.

In the mean time, you guys can check out My Wife Is Pregnant on Tumblr and Blogger. I also figured everyone’s on Facebook so I created a page there. I think the strips reach more people faster that way. I update the page every MWF so the strips are a little late there. I add some insights on each comic, though, just to make things more exciting.Go click the image below and I’ll lead you to the page!


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