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Its Supposed To Be Summer, Isn’t It?

Summers nowadays can be very weird. I remember it was also around this time last year when Typhoon Cosme hit our city pretty hard. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for most of us (some lost their homes, others had their properties severely damaged) but it was definitely a learning moment for all of us.

Now we’ve got Thypoon Emong this time. Its 1:30 p.m. as I wite this entry. We’re already at Signal #3. The storm is moving very slow but it is becoming stronger. Its raining a little but the winds can really be a bit scary. Maybe I’ve become paranoid about it. I dont want to bid farewell to our roof the second time around. Heheh…

Hope you all have a safe day. Hope WE all have a safe day :)

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It’s already 08 May as I write this. The clock on the pc (yes, that one located on the lower-right part of the screen) says it’s 7:54 a.m. We had some power interruption yesterday which lasted for several hours, til past 11 p.m. The winds were violent but it was already weakening by 9 p.m, I think. That’s really something to be happy about since I don’t know how much beating our little house could take.

Thankfully, we’re safe. Prayers were answered, you bet.

Back to regular programming then! :D

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2 Responses to “Its Supposed To Be Summer, Isn’t It?”

  1. Ida says:

    Glad to know you’re ok. :) I did hear in the news about the typhoon heading your way. Although it was raining hard here in Metro Manila for the past couple of days, we didn’t experience any strong winds, so I guess we’re lucky.

    It’s sunny here now and we’re hoping this weather extends into the rest of the month. :)

    And yes, where did the summer go?!?!

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @Ida, yeah that’s the ironic thing about it. Who knows? People may be wearing their rain gears come Summer Komikon instead of their summer attires. Heheh… Hope not! :D

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