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Check Out My New Logo

You noticed my new blog logo, didn’t you?

Yey! At last, I’ve  found the perfect replacement for my old logo! Hahah… I’ve really been thinking of changing my blog logo for some time now but never quite got the chance to do it.

Thankfully, my good friend RH Quilantang took the time to make me one. Now that guy is too busy so I just can’t help but be appreciative not only for the time he spent doing this but most especially for coming up with something that I feel represents me and my blog well.

Let me explain.

First, I love the colors. I tried coloring this one on Adobe Photoshop as well but it never turned out right. My attempts looked too dark and edgy and very different with this version which has cooler colors and are more easy to the eyes. I love it! It’s the right feel I was trying to catch.

Second, I guess this artist knows me well and what my blog’s all about. See the headset?.. That represents my love for music. The speech balloons and the cartoon character, on the other hand, symbolizes my fondness for comics (mostly superheroes) and animated films (mostly Pixar).

The inverted E on the fonts is, obviously, a homage for the Pinoy seminal band, Eraserheads. I’ve always enjoyed listening to their music way back since I first discovered them. Actually, here’s a little trivia about me - I almost always got into trouble with my teachers way back high school because, being a fan of the band, I always used an inverted E in my handwriting at the time, whether it is on a quiz, an assignment, a written report, or basically anything else :D

How about the 3 stars and a sun, some may ask?.. Of course, that’s a tribute not only for the country but also for the late Francis Magalona - a musician I admire and a person I look up to.

Well, what else?.. Hmm.. Some close friends might be surprised that there are some “plus” signs on the background there. Yes, I hate Math. So what’s the deal with those signs?…

Actually that’s a “positive” sign. Ever since I began blogging, I’ve always wanted a “feel good” blog. What I’ve always tried to do is to write about things that I love. Being a web content writer for 2 years now, my job requires me to write about specific sets of topics that my employers provide. This blog lets me write about topics I am really fond of and feel positive about.

Besides, I’m not good at ranting. I’m not even good at dissing people.I’ll leave that to other bloggers out there. There are already too many of them anyway. Heheh..

So there.

Welcome to Planet Markus.

AsRico Blanco says on his blog, “Everyone is welcome. Feel free to look around. Just don’t break anything”


PS. If you also want your own blog logo or you want any artwork done, just browse around RH Quilantang’s DeviantArt gallery and try getting in touch with him to ask about his rates. Cheers! :)

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13 Responses to “Check Out My New Logo”

  1. journaliz says:

    I like the logo! it’s so alive, enthusiastic, jolly, and colorful! maybe that’s your personality…it is mirrored in your logo… good job…

  2. jtmtzrwj says:

    cute nga… ung sun sa right side… reminds of the batibot logo

  3. Ida says:

    Naks… not good at ranting and dissing people daw o! Kunwari pa. Hehehe.

    P.S. I like the new banner! :D Sooo happy!!!! :D

  4. hungrynez says:

    Your logo really shows the real Markus! Full of color, fun, energy and character! Creatively made by talented comic designers who knowledgeably designed your personality and evoke to your readers that positive feeling as soon as they open your site. Two-thumbs up! :)

  5. oyz says:

    i wondered for a while, what was that word scribbled on the left side of your logo. i thought it was the signature of the artist that made the logo or maybe it is your own signature. then my wife said, its “astig”. then i said, oo nga noh.. astig nga! astig talaga ng logo mo bro! aba kumikislap pa!

  6. Mark Rosario says:

    @ journaliz, thanks, thanks. I love it too. It looks and feels like a Saturday morning cartoon.

    @ jtmtzrwj, onga eh. Pero dont tell me the cartoon character reminds you of Kiko Matsing ha! Heheheh…

    @ Ida, oo kunwari lang yun. Props lang. Naubusan lang ng eksplinasyon.Hahaha!

    @ hungrynez, all praises should really go to awesome artist and awesome friend RH Quilantang. That guy knows what to do and how to do it right. *wink, wink*

    @ oyz, astig talaga si RH. Click his gallery on DeviantArt and you’ll surely see
    more astig pieces. Heheh.. For the kislap-kislap effects, lets credit that for the guy who anonymously calls himself “admin” :D

  7. Jaybee says:

    wahahahahahaha! ang kulit! galing ni rhivs! hahahahaha

  8. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Jaybee, onga bro. I love the logo so much. Rhiver rocks! :)

  9. Zeamay says:

    astig nga! :3 well si rhiver nmn kasi tlgang deep yan :D kya mgnda syang gumwa ng mga bgay bgay na rerepresent sa tao. :D isang bagong logo. pra sa panibagong buhay?. xD hindi.. tuloy tuloy lng yan. :D kya mo yan! ;)

  10. Lala says:

    I’m impressed! I love the new logo! It’s amazing. Thumbs up for the illustrator and the idea is great!

  11. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Zeamay, yups galing talaga ni Rhiver. He never runs out of cool ideas :)

    @ Lala, thanks for dropping by. We miss you!

  12. chummy says:

    wow, nice logo man, wish i can have a logo as nifty and cool as that, my wordpress theme wont allow a header image but i love the layout so i have to compromise hehehe.

  13. Mark Rosario says:

    @ chummy, naalala ko yung header mo na me lapis. ganda nun ah. asan na yun? :D

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