Iron Man Vs. Whiplash #1 Preview

Iron Man Vs. Whiplash #1 Preview

Aug 20

Be honest. Who among us didn’t feel some disappointment when Mickey Rourke’s first Whiplash image came out online?

Sure, the guy looked tough with the long hair and all those tattoos but man! How could he stand a chance against our armored hero with just a couple of metallic tendrils and his, uhm, orange prison pants? :D

I instantly thought Iron Man needed a better, more powerful villain. In the first film, he had Iron Monger who surely looked more menacing and gave him a hard time – a real hard time.
Now with what I just found at, I’m really more eager now than before to see Iron Man 2 when it finally hits the big screen. The company just announced a November 4 release of Iron Man Vs. Whiplash #1. While this comicbook isn’t a movie adaptation or something, I think I like the Whiplash that we have here. Here’s artist Marko Djurdjevic’s character design:

Now THAT looks like a super villain! I’m digging the mask! If this is how Whiplash would appear like in the movie - crossing my fingers here - then it will surely be a great fight after all! As Editor Bill Rossman declares, this is “every True Believer’s chance to crawl inside the twisted head of the wicked Whiplash.” I’m now doubly  excited not only for the movie but also for this comics.

Iron Man Vs. Whiplash #1 will be a 4-part mini series which will be brought to us by writers Brannon Bragga and Marc Guggenheim with pencil duties from Phil Briones. On the other hand, Brandon Peterson’s gonna be the one to do the covers and speaking of which, here it goes…

*All images owned by Marvel.


  1. jzhunagev

    Mukhang nakakatakot at astigin si Whiplash. He’ll certainly whip IronMan’s butt off… ^^,

  2. Wan

    TEKA ung nasa taas un ung for MOVIE?

  3. Mark Rosario

    @ jzhunagev, onga! Cant wait for November 4!

    @ Wan, yep. Yan yung image for the movie. Not as bad ass as I was expecting for a villain, for sure. But what do we know?.. Marvel might simply be trying to conceal some stuff from us. Next year pa naman to so lets wait for more :D

  4. Renie

    Wow! thanks for the heads up Markus! Alam mo naman I’m a big fan of Iron Man, aabangan ko ‘tong mini series na ‘to!

  5. @ Renie, welcome! Ako rin naging fan na ni Iron Man dahil sa movie. Hahah!

  6. kelvin

    i like ironman even in comics.. but i like The Mandarin to be his villain next but i think the production will find it difficult…

  7. kelvin

    sana mabuo na yung avengers movie… with hulk, spider-man, capt america, and iron man as the leader.

  8. @ Kelvin, yes there will be an Avengers film. Kaso 2012 pa yun. Lets hang on for that one!

  9. Yeah, Whiplash looks just a tad… haggard? I can’t see how he could stand against Iron Man who could just fly circles around him and blast him.

  10. @ Rob, I feel the same way. He can maybe kill Tony Stark but how does he get a chance on Iron Man? Hahah!

  11. Chrystal Sandobal

    I like the Iron Man 2 movie, it’s good!

  12. @ Chrystal, it absolutely is! Looking forward to the next flicks from Marvel now :)

  13. Iron Man, The Hulk Were awesome. Their my favorite characters from the avenger. The Avengers movies coming out soon i cant wait.

  14. @ Keturah, I agree. The Thor and Captain America flicks are shaping up to be awesome as well. Its indeed a great time to be a Marvel fan!

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