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Wolverine Nike Sneakers

As if getting his own movie wasn’t enough, our favorite feral mutant comes back again – and this time, he gets his own pair of Nike sneakers!

Hahah!.. Looks like the Wolverine mania is really far from over.

.. And where Wolverine is, can Sabretooth be too far away?.. Never!!!

In my planet, I like the Wolverine kicks better. It looks like something that Raimund Marasigan (that ever-ubiquitous Sandwich frontman) would wear during a gig. That cool guy just loves flashy sneakers.

As for the Sabretooth? Well, its really hard for me to trace the resemblance, except maybe for the fur near the laces – and you would have to look closer just to see that! I’m really not that impressed with it as far as representing the character goes. What do you guys think? :)

*Pics and news from SneakerFreaker

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2 Responses to “Wolverine Nike Sneakers”

  1. hungrynez says:

    i like that! - colby

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Colby.. Rock on!!! :D

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