Hipster Heroism

Hipster Heroism

Oct 17

Scotty P my main man. So based on the assumption that you have no idea who Scott Pilgrim is and have never seen the movie or read the six very popular books (shame on ye) then let me bring you up to speed.

It’s about young people and their many perceived insurmountable, overbearing first world emotional problems as examined through the lens of a very awesome character study/adventure comic set in the magical land of Toronto, Canada.

Your brain will never be the same after reading, in fact some say achievement of kung-fu zen enlightenment has occurred in particularly promising Scott Pilgrim fans (as long as they dedicate the rest of their natural lives to sitting yoga cross-legged on a frigid mountain top, eating soy beans and thinking about baby whales all day), the books have spectacular action, clever yet relateable humor and a knack for visual experimentation. The panels can be outright nutty at times with crazy zigzagging organization that makes each page stand out, forget the usual squares on a grid we’re talking isosceles triangles and funky parallelograms dippin and dodging all over the place (this may be a bit of an exaggeration) making the weight of each scene feel active and engaging. An aesthetic of retro themed videogame nostalgia paired with the backdrop of Canada’s trippy underground music scene gives the series a sort of niche appeal. The drawings themselves have that uncommon semi manga vibe with several anime tropes but its own distinctive form paired with some very cool black and white color work, minus that one chapter done in color which will literally ruin the complex hair and eye color chart you made for each character.

The villain troupe is zany and charismatic to an extent that transcends over the top. Each main bad guy acts as both a cultural parody and formidable challenge to Scott Pilgrim in his way to difficult quest to impress and date Ramona Flowers the series ever mysterious bad girl supporting protagonist.

The full story encompasses six seriously awesome volumes some of which have bonus comics and other goodies in the back. Keeping in line with the ancient credo of the continuity gods make sure to start with the first issue lest you get confused and angry resulting in scary high insurance premiums (from all the collateral damage). One way or another check this biz out, you can rest assured it will be an excellent endeavor full of magic and pixie dust entropy. I can’t guarantee that last part, still read these books regardless.

Author Bio: Nick Korenkiewicz runs the Rocket Boot Enthusiast Blog. he also likes cats (a little too much if you ask me) you can visit his site here for spectacular fun time action.  http://www.therocketbootenthusiastblog.com/

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