Green Lantern Costumes

Green Lantern Costumes

May 23

As any fans could accurately expect, the upcoming release of the Green Lantern movie (less than a month now! Dang, I’m stoked!) only means one thing - a truckload of Lantern  merchandise!

Starting this month and beyond, I’m guessing we’ll get to see lotsa flick-related shirts, action figures, tumblers and, of course, power rings!

Few things, however, could be cooler than having your very own Green Lantern costume. I found these awesome stuff from Buy Superhero Costumes website and it made me smile.

This is as cute as Green Lantern could get! Haha.. I love the details they put on this almost-movie-accurate jumpsuit. Plus the plastic ring, shoe cover, and the eyemask are great additions.

Want to go further than that? Get this inflatable gatling gun and re-enact that scene from the movie then!

And oh! Make sure to memorize the Green lantern oath! No one wants a wannabe.

As for the grown-ups, this comic book version of Hal Jordan should be a good choice:

And oh! here’s a cute Arisia costume for the female Lantern fans.. I’m not sure if she’s in the movie though (anybody noticed her on the trailer?).

Try checking the site and you’ll see they’ve got a lot of cool stuff for you to choose from.

In no time, you will be all ready to face any cosmic crisis.

And oh! Make sure to memorize the Green Lantern oath! No one wants a noob Lantern.


  1. Kim

    the costume looks like bacon

    green bacon

  2. Fritz Dador

    i like Green Lantern… he is chosen one so definitely he will always try to do good.. pretty gal yun nakacosplay…

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