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Gilon Gilon Ed Baley - Bangus Festival Street Dancing Competition 2009

Dagupan City’s much-awaited Bangus Festival 2009 officially starts today with this event. I heard there were some 31 barangays that participated for the street dancing competition, along with several schools.

It was fun. Again, it was one of those “I-wish-I-had-my-own-camera” experiences. The costumes of the participants were really colorful. Anyway, I was there not just to watch the event but also to serve as a volunteer. We were stationed on the streets and I was assigned to fill plastic cups with water. We gave those to the street dancers and for onlookers who wanted to quench their thirst too. We had at least 4,000 cups but it still looked like we needed additional cups so we bought 700 more.

It was also fun working with Doctora Dy of the City Health office and the other staff. I look to her as someone who is really organized and someone who manages to be cheerful even under pressure. I learned she’s from Zamboanga and that she, like me, speaks Bisaya too.

It was tiring, obviously, but it was really worth it. Im definitely looking forward to also be part of the Festivals of the North which is gonna take place on the 27th this month. Im sure that will be a bigger event since this one’s not exclusively a Dagupan event. Other festivals around Ilocos Region, Cordillera and Central Luzon are all invited.

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