Gatchaman Teaser Trailer

Gatchaman Teaser Trailer

Jul 19

I grew up watching the animated G-Force: Guardians of Space way back the 80′s so I’m just all awed to catch a teaser trailer for an upcoming Gatchaman film from Imagi Studios - the same one that brought us the recent Astro Boy movie, yes.

The video shows the team battling a giant mantis robot and this is really exciting for me.  I’m just glad the characters look very close to the way I remember them on the TV show.

This Gatchaman CGI movie doesn’t hit theaters worldwide until 2011 and so let’s all just take a look at a few screen shots as of the moment!

Here’s Ace Goodheart (Eagle):

Dirk Daring (Condor)

Agatha June (Swan)

Pee Wee (Swallow)

… And finally, we have Hooty (Owl)!

Can’t get enough of that? Click the link then and head over to YouTube to catch these five teenage champions in action!

G-Force: Guardians of Space

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