Foo Fighters|Wasting Light - Live from Studio 606

Foo Fighters|Wasting Light - Live from Studio 606

May 05

The Foo Fighters are finally back! With a new album to boot!

Wasting Light is a kick-ass album that’s sure to satisfy every fan of the band. It’s loud. It’s raw and it’s melodic. In short, this is the Foo Fighters we’ve all grown to love!

Now if you haven’t grabbed a copy from the stores yet, there’s no need to be tempted to download the entire thing.

The good news here is that there’s actually a legal way to enjoy the album without spending a dime.

How? Just go to YouTube and listen to Wasting Lights there - played LIVE at Studio 606. There’s a 49-minute video where the band plays all the songs from the record non-stop. Yes, all 11 of them!

Here are a few images I print-screened from the performance.

No band does it like the Foo Fighters, eh? Now go click the link above and prepare for a satisfying aural assault!

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