Exclusive SDCC Cap And Thor Concept Art Posters

Exclusive SDCC Cap And Thor Concept Art Posters

Jul 21

Today, Yahoo just gave us a peek at two Marvel concept art posters which will be exclusively distributed during the SDCC (or, for the uninitiated, the San Diego Comic-Con - the grand mecca for all comicbook geeks worldwide).

The first poster shows Captain America in the middle of a war while we see Thor and Loki battle it out on the second one.

As we all know, these are two upcoming movies from Marvel and while the films are still a year away (Captain America will be on  22 July 2011 while Thor comes earlier on 20 May 2011), its nice to see these images for a few reasons. First, it verifies that the heavily-circulated Cap concept art indeed comes from reliable “sources” (although this SDCC poster shows us the costume isn’t as skin tight) and second, it gives us a closer look at Loki wearing his trademark ridiculous helmet.

Check out the posters below. Then click it if you want it enlarged so you can view it closer. Then use it as a wallpaper. Or print it!

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