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DC Universe Holiday Special 09

If you are looking for a cool gift for a comic geek, lemme recommend this one - the DC Universe Holiday Special 09. Its a good book. I enjoyed the stories, especially that of the  Flash plus Jonboy Meyers and Chuck Pires‘ awesome artist-colorist tandem for “The (Beast) Boy Who Hated Christmas”..

And hey! Pinoy comic fanboys will also be particularly delighted with the team-up of two Filipino comic creators namely author J Torres (Wall-E, Batman:The Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans Go, etc) and DC newbie Heubert Khan Michael (artist).

Personally, I’m really happy for Heubert. If you’ve read my Panels and Pages interview with him just 5 months ago, he was still aiming for an international comic gig. Now he finally makes it on a DC comic book - a dream come true for him and for us, his friends and fans!.. Congrats for that one, man! May more comic works come your way.

Anyway, grab a copy and check out the pages now if you want to see Goya chocolates, Adobo Catering, a parol, “Unstoppable” and much, much more :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the Holidays!

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2 Responses to “DC Universe Holiday Special 09”

  1. Rob says:

    I can only hope that this sort of title means that DC is trying to return to a more innocent, all-ages style to it’s books. The last DC TPB that I read was Crisis-something, in which one of the main character’s wife is brutally assaulted, and the entirety of the book had a dark black theme to it. I haven’t read much anything from DC since then.

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    @ Rob, I’m not much of a DC fan myself. I’d have to admit though that I recently enjoyed Grant Morisson and Frank Quitely’s run on Batman and Robin. The first arc rocks and I cant wait to get it on TPB as well.

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