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Captain Sparrow and the Puppeteers

Recently attended a Kiddie-Party themed Christmas Party. I decided to be Jack Sparrow for fun since I’ve always been fascinated by that character. I have been wanting to do that since Halloween during a Hollywood-themed Party but that got canceled so I thought here’s my chance.

In the middle of the program, we had a little puppet show and here is Captain Sparrow and the Puppetters (Ala Captain Planet and the Planeteers.. weheheh)

More pictures next time. In the meantime, L to R: Me, Elvin, Ezra, Rowel (Zorro) and Chester.

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2 Responses to “Captain Sparrow and the Puppeteers”

  1. Little Light says:

    ang cute ng custome mo. para ka ngang si captain sparrow. i like him too. he’s such a character.

    by the way, merry christmas! :-)

  2. Mark Rosario says:

    aw, youre too kind. thanks, friend :)

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