Shortlisted Interview #10: Jerico Ray Marte

Shortlisted Interview #10: Jerico Ray Marte

Apr 27

I never understood how overwhelming it was to try featuring all the 34 Filipino artists who made it to Marvel and National Book Store‘s Be The Next Comic Marvel until I gave it a try.

This post marks the 10th interview I’ve had since I started this and so I officially now have only 24 more to go. Haha!

Anyway, let’s get to know Cavite-based Jerico Ray Marte for today! :)

Mark Rosario: Tell us something about yourself.

Jerico Ray Marte: I’m from Bacoor, Cavite. I’m 2nd eldest from 5 siblings. I can’t say where I got the passion to draw. Art never ran on the family till I started to hold a pencil and draw. I forgot the age but I remembered loving the Jollibee mascot so much I have to make my own. lol. So I drew, and drew until my brothers and sisters followed. During my elementary days I always fill my books and paper pads with drawings. Its like some sort of paper initiation-no space was left undoodled haha! And that was my early training.

I am a frustrated artist. I wasn’t able to take up an art course but my constant sketching and active participation in co-curricular activities helped in developing my skill. I’m not employed. I’m just your regular bum. I’m currently taking various projects as production artist/storyboard artist here and there and that keeps me going ’til I find the right job.

Past comic book projects? Nope, nothing as of now. All comic stuff I did were all for leisure and I never finished any of them. Hopefully one these days I will!

MR: What did you apply for and what made you decide to try out?

JRM: I applied as a penciller and I decided to try out because I need a job! Partly true but kidding aside, this is the best opportunity for me to prove something to myself. And it paid off! Out of 200+ participants I was one of the chosen few. I’m honored. Til now I can’t believe any of this. I mean, come on! Everyone’s so great I saw their sketches and, in my honest opinion, my drawings are trash when put beside their art.

MR: Tell us a little about the samples you sent.

JRM: I’m not totally proud of my work but I’m happy with it :) It’s a hodgepodge of drawings, some anime style, some western. Different styles so you could say I haven’t established my own yet. I submitted a fresh drawing of Nightcrawler, a Nocturne pin-up (my fave characters) along with my past drawings just to show the range of my art skill in terms of character motion, poses, and composition.

I had a hard time doing the new ones because I’m used to do conceptual art-anime style- without the light placement. It’s like starting all over again, a learning process. I guess those are the pros and cons of adapting too much on different styles.

MR: What were you doing when you discovered you made it to the shortlist? How did you feel at the moment?

JRM: I was sleeping when someone from NBS called me for the third time. How did I feel?.. Excited I guess, but definitely happy.

MR: How did the Cebulski interview go? What did he say about your work?

JRM: The interview went well. CB’s a great guy! He was kind enough not to hurt my feelings haha! But really he’s a great guy. He liked how my lines worked-different from other styles he saw. Unfortunately I was too overwhelmed to remember some things he said. Sorry :-,

MR: I heard there’s still another test from Cebulski, right? What does that mean and what are you currently doing to warm up for that?

JRM: There is. He said he could see me draw more on female characters, maybe for covers so he asked for more pin-ups and sequential art (I haven’t provided enough sequentials)

After the interview, I dedicated more of my time for art. I have yet so much to learn!

MR: Let’s talk influences. Who are some of your heroes in the industry?

JRM: The first influence that got me going as far as I could remember (aside from Jollibee) is Voltes 5. During my childhood, it was the craze. Then, Sailormoon and Dragon Ball came after. My first western influence wasn’t from the comics industry. Brom, Tony Diterlizzi, Rebecca Guay, Arthur Rackham, Glen Angus, and more. Then I got back to anime style with Hirohiko Araki, the creator of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I say I’m proud to have been able to talk to Stephen Segovia and Heubert Khan Michael which are my newest heroes along with Leinil Yu.

MR: Given the chance to pick, which Marvel books/characters would you hope to do in the near future?

JRM: Nightcrawler! Though he’s already dead. I’m still wishing he’d make a comeback somehow! Or the sexy Black Cat.

MR: Thank you for your time! Tell us where fans can find you for updates and more.

JRM: Thank you so much! I enjoyed answering heehee. I don’t have a DeviantArt account and my Facebook doesn’t have any art stuff on it, sorry! Maybe soon :)

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