Real-Life Heroes Face Typhoon Ondoy

Real-Life Heroes Face Typhoon Ondoy

Sep 28

I am still in shock as I type these words. The destruction brought by Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) this past weekend here in the Philippines is just too massive. Being from Dagupan City, I’m really no stranger to super storms because we experience them all the time. However, I’d say Ondoy was really the worst of its kind.

My heart is broken for all the horrific news reports I’ve heard on AM radio, images and videos posted online, including actual accounts posted by the typhoon victims themselves. It can be too much to take. I can’t help but feel sad. My heart goes out for them.

Yesterday, Rico Blanco posted something on Twitter that caught my attention. He wisely said “Mga kapatid, at this point, lending a hand will be more appreciated than pointing fingers. God bless the Philippines.” I agree wholeheartedly. This is definitely the worst time to throw rocks and the best time to stand up and do something instead.

With that thought in mind, allow me to express admiration and appreciation for the following people who unselfishly did their part to alleviate suffering in their own ways.

1.    Rescuers and volunteers. There are a lot of them. From cops to military men to Red Cross volunteers to concerned neighbors who were victims themselves and yet they stepped out of their comfort zones to help others.

2.    Donors who generously shared their means. Yes, the economy’s been insane as of recent years but that doesn’t matter anymore. People are very willing to allocate part of what they have in form of money, food, clothing and others.

3.    Public servants who stayed awake and did their part to coordinate rescue efforts. Politicians and government workers moved in an impressive pace to do something about those under their own jurisdiction too. Rubber boats and dump trucks were immediately organized and they got to rescue a lot of needy people at once.

4.   People who used the web (and other media forms) to spread emergency contact numbers and ways to help. We can never really underestimate the power of cyberspace these days. Take Twitter for example and you will see a lot of concerned individuals from the above-mentioned Blanco to Pinoy comic book creator Budjette Tan, to author Paulo Coelho, to Lennon-widow Yoko Ono and many other users (celebrities and non-celebrities) helped disseminate important information to many people worldwide through their blogs, Facebook, Multiply and other social networking sites. As singer Jim Paredes effectively summed up, “Twitter and Facebook are instrumental in making people experience Oneness through suffering and compassion. Twitter and FB rock!”

And I’m sure there are many, many others. If you can still think of some, kindly list them below on the comment section. We really should pay tribute to these ones who are doing what they can to contribute in meaningful ways.

They are real heroes in my eyes. For me, they are bigger and mightier than any superhero I’ve read in the comics or seen in the movies. May we all follow their examples. I believe there’s a hero in every Filipino.

*Gwapoman Artwork courtesy of Moses Aaron Felizmenio.

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  1. Marge Barro

    Thanks for this positive article…we need more of these types in times like these. May I repost? Hopefully your note will inspire many others to lend a hand instead of pointing fingers…May your list get longer!

  2. @ Marge Barro, thank you very much. Feel free to repost the entry. I appreciate your kind words.

  3. Khay

    I had read it. it’s great!!!
    i think if all the people that is being affected by the typhoon read this, they’ll be happy that in other ways/ different ways, people try to help each others!!

    This is such a “WOW”, by these message many people will be inspired to lend a helping hand.. How i wish no typhoon that is as strong/stronger than Ondoy would come again.. but at the same time, how i wish the the spirit of Filipinos in taking care and being there of each other in times like this would remain whether there is a calamity or not.

    thanks for writing this..
    this is such an eye opener.

  4. @ Khay, that’s an overwhelming comment. Thanks for reading this.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing!


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