Panels and Pages #10 - Gio Paredes Interview

Panels and Pages #10 - Gio Paredes Interview

Nov 29

This is long overdue. I’ve always wanted to feature Gio Paredes on my interviews ever since I’ve started Panels and Pages here on my blog. As some of you may already know, I’m a big fan of this guy and I’ve reviewed his work several times in the past. Not only do I consider him as one of the most diligent creators in the country but Gio is also an all around nice guy who knows how to deal with his fans.

Go read the interview and get the details about what’s in store for Kalayaan fans within the coming months!

Mark Rosario (MR):Congrats, Gio, for the recent release of Kalayaan #12. How does it feel to see 12 comics on your Komikon table now? Well, basically, 13, along with Kalayaan #0!

Gio Paredes (GP): I am very much happy. It took much longer than I expected. Issue #11 was released Feb. 2011 and #12 was on November. That’s 9 months, and I would be happier if it was less than that. But I have some excuse because aside from that, I also released #0 and am about to release the much over due Kalayaan Volume 1 which contains the compiled issue from #1 to #4. So it’s fun making all this things at once. It’s CRAZY… but fun. :-)

MR: It’s indeed been a wild ride since you started, Gio. You’ve received glowing reviews and fantastic fan arts, you’ve been featured in Sulyap, won the Komikon Grassroots Award, got more than 1400 likes on Facebook, plus Kalayaan has even hit the American shores - thanks to Forex Cargo US. What other things do you hope to achieve with your character?

GP: A TV series and a movie would be nice he he he… But for now, better distribution for my comics is always on my mind. That is why I am almost forced to make the Volume 1. It will be (I hope) distributed in the largest book store in the Philippines soon. I’ve been so busy working with the legal papers of my comics publishing company these past few months. Yeah… You heard it right, my very own formal/legal publishing company. That took too much of my time (and not to mention, money) on processing it.

MR: Like you’ve mentioned above, you will soon be releasing a Kalayaan graphic novel.  How will this be different from the individually-released issues?

GP: One of the most noticeable difference is the new cover I made for this graphic novel. And I was so blessed because an international colorist Rain Beredo was so generous enough to color it for me.

MR: Can we expect to see bonus pages there? Like concept artworks or scripts maybe?

GP: Hindi umabot ang concept artworks and sample script… I will definitely put them on Volume 2. The only bonus are the 5 pages of fan art section which contains 9 images each. So thats 45 fan arts in all! I also included the character profiles of the main characters and some other stuff.

MR: Speaking of covers, I think some readers are noticing. You get different colorists for the covers but you are not letting anyone do the art chores. Care to share the reason behind that, Gio?

GP: To tell you frankly I really do not know why hehehe! I think it is a personal thing to me. One major thing that draws me to buy a comic book is the cover (ever since). It’s a big factor to me. I want, as much as possible, the cover to represent what my comics is. And it is MY comics, and so it is only fitting that I do the cover.

MR: That’s cool enough! Lets talk comics then. What have you been reading lately? Any personal favorites among Pinoy indies?

GP: Pinoy Indies? Please forgive me for being biased… but  I would say Bayan Knights. And Sanduguan by Gener Pedrina. I just got issue #10 recently. Gener is really pouring it on. :-)

MR: I’ve read that one too. I’m actually planning to review that next time… And since you’ve mentioned Gener, you’ve actually worked with him and with Erwin Ropa in past issues. Are there any other artists you hope to collaborate with for future issues?

GP: Well… Jim Lee would be nice…. hehehe. But seriously, there is already a plan for an international artist who will be doing some of the pages in issue #13. Wish me luck that it would push through.

MP: That’s amazing! Clue naman dyan kung sino! :)

GP: He is a Filipino and he lives in Ortigas. Kung hindi nyo pa gets, he also recently did a water color painting of Kalayaan.

MR: Nice! I think I get it heheh.. Looking forward to that then.. Now I have to ask you - how did it feel to finally meet your character in person? I mean David Delano D’Angelo’s Kalayaan cosplay (at GTMACCON) was awesome! Hahah

GP: It was very fun, David is one of the nicest person I’ve ever met. I’m so glad he cosplayed my character.

MR: Okay, lets do some parting shots then. Advice for aspiring creators who want to follow your footsteps - plus  message for our blog readers. Go!

GP: Just stay motivated and focus on the things you want to achieve. Never give up on your dreams.

And please buy Kalayaan Vol.1: A New Pinoy Superhero coming very soon at Comics Odyssey and at your nearest book store.

Please support all of our local Pinoy comics publisher. That’s it. Thanks!


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